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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Socialists defeated in Portugese national election

Well here is another defeat for the leftwingnuts of the planet.  They have just been getting drubbed everywhere from Canada to Israel and now Portugal.  The EU has told them they had to reform their programs of "giveaway for nothing" before they would receive any monetary help.  Just like the left did to Greece, which is still in turmoil.  There is no free lunch and even the old world nations are now having to come to grips with that reality.

HERE is the article on Portugal. So the Conservatives and the Social Democrats will put together a coalition government and try to fix the place.  My guess is the SEIU and the Wisconsin Public Employees Unions will send paid protesters over there to help trash the Portuguese Capitol building and then try to recall the new winners of the election.  Just kidding, but hey the SEIU does contain the word "international" in its name.  I think our leftwingnut blog should also send some of their liberal nuts over to help as well.

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