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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why Jerry Brown is Simply a Hack Politician

Credit: Tom Meyer
For all the gnashing of teeth about bi-partisanship and the the Governor's wailing that Republicans won't sign on to his failed tax increases, the bottom line is this.  Jerry Brown doesn't really walk the walk at all.  HERE is a link to is website showing the appointments he has made  to the state payroll.  Except for a couple of "decline to state", (yeah, sure), all are democrats!  No Republicans need apply. 

This is never pointed out by the lamestream media because they are in the tank for the democrats and protect them at every turn.  Until phony baloney's like Brown are exposed to the people for their hypocrisy, Californians who rely on the press will never get the straight answers.  The budget is the latest example as well.

The democrats have had the majority in our state legislature for about fifty years and it is their policies that are in place and have bankrupted us.  The most the Republicans could ever get was a couple of crumbs dished out to a couple of flakes who bought into the bribes by the democrats.  So, here we are, the Republicans have never been in power to pass and see their policies put into law, yet the democrats like Steinberg and Jerry Brown cry a river that those wascally Republicans don't care about California.  Even local leftwingnuts bloggers continue to portray the democrats as "victims" of those naysaying Republicans.  Doug and Dan will not sacrifice their principals so Jerry and Darrell can fund another welfare program and supply money to more unions.  Sorry libs, we have honorable representatives.  If the Legislature continues as is, the State of California will become a suburb of Nevada.

Our lefty power mad legislators have no clue about hos to run a state and we see Jerry Brown doesn't either.  Thank GOD the people voted in Prop 26 because as we all see, the democrats will shove more taxes and fees down the throats of hardworking Californians and not miss a beat in doing so.  The democrats of our state have destroyed the middle class, wrecked the business climate and regulated the rest of us into serfdom.  Maybe watching the riots in Greece will wake up the kids under the Dome and they will regain their senses.  I doubt it. 

So here we are again.  Our great state has been relegated to third world status and the only answer the democrats and our Governor have is raise the taxes and fees.  Well, maybe the people will finally get their collective heads out of the dark place and kick these scofflaws of the left out from under the Dome and save us. 

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