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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Senate democrats invite illegal aliens to Senate hearing!

The world is upside down in the lala land of Washington D.C.  The country is in deep trouble because leftwingnuts like Dick Durbin of Illinois are in charge.  HERE is the latest tragedy of American politics.  Illegal aliens, sitting near the Queen of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, in the Senate chambers no less, in front of national cameras and the lawmakers of our country, were not even detained for review of their status!  Durbin and his crew of lawbreakers (harboring fugitives as far as I can tell), are trying to get the "Dream Act" passed.  It will not happen but for him to flaunt the very laws of America, in the halls of our country, is beyond the pale.

I think the Capitol police should have arrested these people along with Durbin and his fellow lawbreakers in the democrat side of the Senate.  This is so amazing to me.  Here our country is struggling to survive and we have millions of illegal aliens sucking the life blood from the taxpayers and Durbin is telling these people to stand and be recognized so he can thank them!  Thank them for what?  He even stated one f them could be a President someday!  Another anti-Constitutional statement by Durbin.  It just shows us these democrats have no respect for the law and no respect for America and its Constitution.  2012 can't come soon enough for me.


  1. You can either support the Dream Act now and start comprehensively reforming immigration to help our economy, or wait until its passed later. But the fact is that its going to be passed eventually. Demographics don't lie.

  2. Chase, I am truly curious. What immigration reforms would help our economy and how?

  3. Chase, You never responded to my question about the shirt ether. What's the problem? Are you a girly man?

  4. Bob, the left complains about the employer side only. They want the "Dream Act" to be passed so they can add a few million voters to their rolls.

  5. Todd, I still don't get this nexus between lack of immigration reform and the failing economy. My guess is Chase doesn't have a clue what he is talking about. I think he is not only a girly man but a zombie that just parrots out phrases he has heard from some liberal rant. Chase doesn't show enough intelligence to interpret what he sees and hears.
    This guy Chase belongs to you liberals. Aren't you proud!

  6. LOL! Ah yes, mindless simpletonia. How quaint.

    All one needs to do is read and listen to an intelligent person like Fareed Zakaria, and to study a country like Germany, the powerful economic engine in the middle of a very troubled Europe. Germany has EMBRACED immigration from Eastern Europe and Turkey. Taxes are evenly spread out, revenues and exports are booming.

  7. Chase, Would you please tell the readers what your degree is in and what your profession is. You seem to think you are of a higher intellect, education level and professional experience than the posters herein.

    Please state:




  8. I think Chase needs to rethink his Germany/Turkey mantra. Germany imported the Turks for low cost labor and the Turks have created mini-Turkey enclaves all over the country. All is not well in Europe becasue of the lack of assimilation. Germany other than the Turks is a homogenous country and they are so sensitive about being called Nazi's they allow just about anything to go there. So, historically the Germans have also been the most efficient people of Europe and the most frugal.

  9. Quite a rambling statement, but not sure what the main point was. But the facts are there for all to see in Germany. The government realized that they would die as a nation by clinging to some idealized model of purity. If you've spent time in the Eastern part in recent years, you would notice that there are many, many Polish and other Eastern European immigrants manning much of the manufacturing jobs. Quite a success story. Germany has embraced diversity and is smart enough to understand the positive impact of a smart immigration policy. Contrast that with Italy. Because Italians (like the pitiful Greeks) are so enamored with purity and refuse to embrace intelligent immigration, they will fade away as a developed nation. The numbers are scary. The Italian birth rate is not sustainable and within 10 years, Italy will create a crisis that will dwarf anything we've seen in Greece.

    Read Fareed Zakaria's Post American World 2.0, and learn.

  10. You boys would also do well to check out a variety of books by Thomas L. Friedman. SPOT ON.

  11. Chase, You are a typical liberal socialist dreamer that cannot face reality. Immigration in Germany is certainly no panacea. Immigrants in Germany are not treated like Germans. Immigrants do not qualify for the same benefits as natural born Germans. Germany is not the USA. The labor issues in Germany are entirely different than here. Germany has a different unemployment rate as well as birth rate.
    Chase your liberal socialistic ideology is transparent. You and your buddies support global immigration reform as a method to facilitate one world government by dilution of existing societies. Socialist government, of course! You socialists have been trying this for decades. When one method fails you go into your little subversive groups and devise some other devious plan to implement your ruling class society. You are all pathetic losers that can't face realty and too cowardly to be self sufficient.

    You would do well to look inward!

  12. Chase never did answer my questions.


    With that, I am interested in learning how ignoring our statutory law and allowing millions of impoverished Central Americans to sneak across our border is "smart" immigration policy.

    Furthermore what does "purity" have to do with anything the U.S. has done in terms of LEGAL immigration...

    The mentality of some people is pure entertainment.


  13. Yea, never any specifics from these guys. Always some BS comparison of things not related. When challenged they always try to divert attention with unrelated diatribe. Impossible to keep them on subject because of lack of substance.
    I still want to that shirt.

  14. "It is pure idiocy that Congress will not open our borders – as wide as possible – to attract and keep the world's first-round intellectual draft choices in an age when everyone increasingly has the same innovation tools and the key differentiator is human talent."

    Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Thomas L. Friedman

  15. Chase, you are reliable. You always expose just exactly who you are. Thank you. You liberals are always denigrating this country.
    Now everyone can see that you choose to blame our economic woes on lack of human talent. Simply pathetic!

  16. Chase, what do you think would happen if we had open borders to the southern countries? Would we get the brilliant ones as Friedman says, or what?

  17. Hey Todd, appreciate your attempt at rational discourse. But whats with the other angry dudes who hang here? LOL.

    Not an unreasonable question. But I don't necessarily interpet Friedman's statement literally. If we had a well-planned, organized immigration policy, we would be able to make efficient, intelligent distinctions as to who comes in, for what industries, for what needs. Fact is, no matter what we do, the rest of the world WILL catch up to us. All we can do is maximize on the strengths of our economy, add people where we most need them (both skilled AND unskilled), and eliminate the underground cash economy that pays no taxes. The Close Our Borders mentality is guaranteed to accelerate the downfall of our relative economic and politic power in the world. The Emerging Market powers are here, and they are growing every year. You're not goiong to stop China, SE Asia and Latin American influence. SO, we must get over the old Post War myopia and deal with the realities of the world. Embrace it, play on our strengths. We're not the only Shining City on the Hill anymore, and won't be ever again.

  18. Well I just can't agree Chase. Why don't you post your full name? Anyway, America welcomes legal immigration and we are simply saying get in line and take your turn. Open borders are the downfall of any country. Sort of like opening your front door at your house and saying come one come all. I don't think our country deserves any less. The economic demise will be greatly accelerated than it already is because we all know each immigrant will bring all the relatives and many will be on the dole. No, we need to tighten the borders and send the others home to get in line and do it legally.

  19. I'm not angry Chase, it's just that you're an idiot with pseudo-intellect.

    Why won't you tell the readers the college degree you've earned? My guess is that you're another in a long line of uneducated unprofessional liberal BS artists.

    Judging by your posts, you don't have a foundation of understanding to back up your regurgitations which is why you say outlandish things like: "We're not the only Shining City on the Hill anymore, and won't be ever again." Without having a clue about the true nature of world markets, geopolitical dynamics and currency manipulations we see around the world. You seem unaware how we got to this point and what we can do to address it.

    I like this gem, "add people where we most need them." Is that the government's role? to "add people where we need them?" Companies are more than capable of filing their positions without the government telling them who and when to hire. Ask any college grad if we need more foreign labor.

    I guess you haven't heard about our unemployment rate, the war on right-to-work states, our current statues regarding legal immigration and the unlawful behavior hampering business by the liberal democrats.

    Point blank: your reciting of liberal orthodoxy is not impressive.


  20. Chase, you can't see the forest for the trees. First you quote Friedman and then you say you don't believe what you quoted. Nice try at back pedaling. Germany does not have "open borders". The "Close Our Borders Mentality" has nothing to do with "organized immigration". You are chasing a ghost. Adding people is not going to do anything for our economy.
    I think you are the one that needs to "deal with the realities of the world".
    I would just love to hear which other "Shining City on the Hill" you are referring to. Or like your Friedman quote, are we supposed to not take that seriously ether.
    Your full of yourself buddy and that is what is shining!
    Even though you portend to believe in your comments they are insulting.

  21. Let's see Woodsy can post under a false name, but Chase can't. Little double standard there Todd. And the first thing ya'all do is demand degree and institution? What so a failed Real Estate developer and a second rate bike racer can say he is not qualified to comment?

    What a bunch of BS.

    Steve Frisch

  22. Frisch, you crack me up. For a failed short order cook you sure are arrogant. I know Woodsy and I have told you and your leftwingnut pals many times. Regarding a failed "developer" and a bike racer, I am unaware of them unless that is your wife. So, keep us laughing, for a celery chopping failure who thinks he is smart, you take the cake. LOL.

  23. I like to see degrees and/or professional experience when folks like Chase and Steve act like they are smarter than others that disagree with their postulations.

    It usually turns out that those with dogmatic world views of liberalism are painfully under-educated and lack any real professional experience. Most dogmatic liberals are grant or tax payer funded...which makes their support of liberal failures perfectly rational I suppose.

    For example: Steve, the politically correct chef that fancies himself an environmental consultant. It's really quite laughable.

    2.1 aka Jonathan Baker.

  24. Hey Jonathan Baker, if you think other people are acting like they are smarter than you are perhaps it is because THEY ARE!

    Fortunately in America there is no prerequisite for participation in our society.

    Steve Frisch

  25. So Todd responds by talking trash about Steve Frisch's wife?... Todd needs to say he's sorry for crossing that line.

    Todd... that's a line that should not be crossed... and you know it!

  26. Enos, you don't have a sense of humor, that is why you are alone and lonely. BTW, when you show your phony outrage against Frisch maybe I'll take you seriously. Until then, you are a twit.

  27. Oh Enos, BTW, I let a few slights by you anf Frisch go when you brought my fiancee into this stuff, so I would say living in a glass house....


    The Dream Act in itself, might be a reasonable law allowing
    the students of illegal parents, to be permitted to stay in the United States?
    But the ramifications are more ominous, that once the students have legitimacy
    they can then start petitioning for family members and that by any other name
    is CHAIN MIGRATION. It further challenges more people to simply scorn what lax
    laws we have and just enter illegally. Immediate family members overtime can
    then bring in even more people, and this has set up a chain reaction. Just like
    another possibility of yet a second mass amnesty, it always attributes to
    costs. It has been verified that the 1986 accounting, when the final tally was
    made that it cost US taxpayers 76 Billion dollars. By the time of a further
    amnesty in today’s dollars and cents had been calculated, the Heritage
    foundation assessed such final bottom line of in the range of 2.6 Trillion

    Now this dollar figure is based on the assumption, that there are only 11 to 12
    million foreign nationals in the country, a number based on processing,
    background checks and an accumulation on other personal data along with medical
    examinations. But (FAIR) Federation of American Immigration Reform, (
    NUMBERSUSA) and thousands of grass root sovereignty organizations have assessed
    the population figures to well over 20 billion. This is an overwhelming number
    to consider and a dollar figure to incredulous to even imagine. That would
    strip any gains against the $14.5 Trillion dollars we owe outside the shores of
    America. This nation must be entirely thankful to the great State of Arizona,
    who started this long and dangerous crusade against the tyranny inside the
    Obama administration that would welcome into America every indigent family from
    across the globe.

    America cannot keep giving anymore as they are not representing the needs of those of
    Citizens and legal residents? Taxpayers have been burdened to long in Georgia,
    Alabama, Arizona that has become the height of outrageous irresponsibility and
    indifference. Rallies or demonstration are looked upon with disdain and anger, with
    those politicians who pander to foreign nationals exhibiting poor
    judgment. Arizona outburst against unfair laws was just the beginning and now
    the real battle will begin in the coming months as we progress towards the 2012


  29. Stepping forward now the TEA PARTY is the only true way that will elevate this
    massive debt, placed upon taxpayers by thoughtless politicians. We cannot trust
    the Imperials in the Republican Party and we certainly cannot trust the
    undercover far Left, that has impregnated the Democrats. Either party has had
    their own agenda for omnipotent power of new voters through illegal
    immigration, or the overall influence from big business to relax laws, so
    millions can be used for a lesser form of slavery; except in both ideals the
    programmed taxpayer picks up the unknown estimated cost to support them. In
    three decades America's working man/ women has lost a percentage of his wages,
    to support illegal immigrants. How academia thinks the economy would grow, must
    live in a delusional world, when nearly every State is burdened by instant
    citizenship baby laws, which under the current misinterpretation payments of
    cash to these families, has diluted every treasury.

    Our schools are crammed to capacity, full of the children of illegal aliens,
    the health system slowly falling apart as more hospitals fail of wanton
    families to be treated; many of these institutions unable to survive. Then we
    have the US penal system choked with illegal alien criminals, that is yet
    another tax hike on the American population. The TEA PARTY is our only remedy
    as the Congress, have no sense of urgency to the impending financial crash.
    Perhaps Rep. Michele Bachman of Minnesota, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Sarah
    Palin of Alaska; all regarded as strong supporters of the ever growing TEA
    PARTY. Only the TEA PARTY leaders seem to understand the financial predicament
    we have truly manufactured for ourselves, from the years of corruption within
    equal parties. The TEA PARTY has astounded both political parties in power, and
    will release us from the years of rot and poor or intentional mismanagement to
    gain favor with open border lobbyists. The TEA PARTY has sworn to the major
    majority of the American people, no new amnesties of any kind, which includes
    the dismantling of Sanctuary cities and towns, no dream Acts or anything
    assigned to foreigners who broke our stagnant laws.

    To accomplish this task we must insist our government implement mandatory
    E-Verify and Secure Communities, which will track down both illegal workers and
    criminal illegal aliens. There must be no compromises, but that Congress should
    enforce these laws, without interference from the open border zealots or the elitist
    groups discount labor.

    You should also introduce yourself to the people who run this devastated
    country at the Senate—202-224–3121/ House—202-225–3121 and tell them it’s time
    to depart of fight for the American taxpayer.

  30. I don't think that leaves much to be said. But I still expect the lemming libs to advantage of Brittanicus' expose to make complete asses of themselves.

  31. Just like you do here on a regular basis BW?


  32. You are not going to ever get it but keep trying!

  33. Todd, I did not write that post to BW. Somebody (an intellectually dishonest liberal) enjoys using my alias.

    2.1 (d)

  34. It didn't sound like you Woodsy 2.1, and BW AND I WILL KEEP OUR EYES OPEN FOR THE SCOFFLAW IMPOSTER.

  35. I wasn't familiar with the 2.1 thing so don't take it personally. I don't usually pay any attention to the personality just the stupidity. It doesn't matter to me who the mentally deficient liberal might be because they all suffer from the same psychosis. I guess I will need to start paying closer attention to who supposedly posted.

  36. We get the phony's all the time. I know Woodsy 2.1, the real one, and he is a conservative fellow like us.


Real name thank you.