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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

John Lennon, a closet Republican?

Wow!  The man we all loved for his music, the man who, with the rest of the Beatles, changed the music and culture of the planet, the man who wrote a leftwing song called "Imagine" (among many others) , was really a conservative?  HERE is a article by Lennon's last personal assistant who claims the master Beatle was espousing support for Ronald Reagan and dislike for Jimmy Carter.

December 8, 1980 was John Lennon's last day on earth.  His life taken by a murdering nut, Mark David Chapman.

 The day was a terrible one for many people around the world.  We were not really concerned about Lennon's politics, he was a musician.  He wrote and sang about peace and love and most of his fans, me included, never really put a label of politics on him.  I am sure the generation before us didn't care much for him, I watched the Beatles on Ed Sullivan in 1964  and my parents were disgusted with their long hair and tales about their flight and the parties on the plane.  Well, just like Elvis, the Beatles became icons, and really fast.  I bought their albums and their music was everywhere.

So, here we now get to peruse the "allegation" Lennon was a Reagan loving conservative who finally grew up and shed his liberal ideology.  The left can only, "twist and shout"  in their disdain.

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