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Monday, May 2, 2011

Local Leftwingnuts Conflicted About Obama and Osama

How many liberals were on the street corners with American flags celebrating the demise of Osama bin Laden last night?  My guess is none.  Liberals would have rather captured the murdering scumbag ans brought him to New York City for a trial.  Then after finding him guilty, the left would give him a 20 year sentence in Rykers with a color TV and a Ipod.  The only lefty's I have heard saying anything have been Obama and Clinton. 

I give Obama credit for being the President lucky enough to be the recipient of our Navy Seals bravery.  If he actually gave a kill order last week I will give him more credit.  As I watch TV News this morning I see people all over America standing on street corners waving the flag and others in New York City and Washington DC gathering to cheer the death of the head of Al Queda.  The left is hiding under their beds.

On the local leftwingnut blogs they are filed with people who usually don't support our military and criticize this country constantly.  Some are making comments of support, you know, jumping on the bandwagon of success, but we know they will return to their anti-military, anti-American screeds soon enough.  Some leftwingnuts even complain that George Rebane has called Osama a "raghead" as if using that term is more dangerous than the murder of 3,000 people by Osama.  Amazing!  I think I have now figured out why these liberal wingnuts are becoming more an more irrelevant in America.

There is also leftwing swooning regarding Obama's re-election.  They are stating this is a lock for him now that he has killed another human being.  If this doesn't show the lefts hypocrisy then I guess no one is paying attention.  They hate the death penalty for child killers and complain and scream at conservatives for using force periodically to take out bad people and governments hostile to our country, yet now think Obama is a lock on re-election for doing exactly that. 

I am proud of President Obama today.  I am proud of our military today.  The teamwork to rid the world of the murdering scumbag Osama show America will come and make things right, even ten years later. Hooray!


  1. Todd, I'm very glad Obama got Osama.

    But, I personally think one can be glad about this and still not wave a flag on the corner and chant USA.

    The Lion doesn't outwardly celebrate after it's completed it's triumphs. I'm not sure we should either. This is just another phase in a long battle to come.

    The real hypocracy is Obama taking all the credit despite handcuffing the CIA's intelligence gathering methods and working to scuttle Gimo...both of which played an instrumental role in capturing Osama.

    Looks like Obama will leapfrog Jimmy Carter as being the worst president in modern history.

  2. I was not unhappy to see flag waving and celebrations. Obama is an ego minded person when he used I,I,I throughout the speech the other night but I think in this case he had a reason to puffery. He was smart enough to carry on the Bush/Cheney policies and for that he gets some good credits. I reject Obama's policies en masse but on this one I must stay non partisan.

  3. I don't think it was a policy Todd, I think it was an opportunity that presented itself. I think he seized the moment to compensate for all of the hurt and pain he caused while trying to have GITMO scum have the same legal rights as our citizens and be tried in NYC. Our troops are selfless and brave, always have been always will be, THANK GOD for our troops. Interesting reading last nite on the net..I studied the crusaders in the past. Since the Crusaders were Christians who were trying to oust the Muslims out of Jerusalem...I just wonder where the Presidents loyalties really lie? Since the Crusade has really been going on for Centuries, I wonder whose side the President is really on.

  4. OBAMA GOT OSAMA! Obama produced his birth certificate for the silly man. Obama showed up to view the wreckage of Alabama. Obama was very entertaining and funny at the journalists dinner. And, he did all of this in three days. He never missed a beat. Who's side is the President on? Are you for real? Remember OBAMA GOT OSAMA!!

    EJ Di Mera

  5. The leftwingnut blogger printed it not me. Go to Russ Steele's blog and read it)he has a screen capture) . I said I was proud of Obama forgetting Osama. Besides, you are using a phony name.

  6. Dear EJ Di Mera,

    I'm almost flabbergasted by the reasons you list for praising Obabma...but then I realized, those are big accomplishments for a Community Organizer with no prior executive leadership and no prior experience in the private sector.

    I guess it's kind of like fawning over your grandchild's finger-painting....Everything's remarkable when you're young and in experienced.

    This really a comment about your comment EJ Di Mera.

    As far as Obama's action, he has earned appreciation and thanks. But don't expect the thinking electorate to forget about the Obama's incessant golfing, vacations, spending, bowing, friendships with former terrorist, frienship with Reverend Wright, burrying our grandchildren in Trillions of Debt, refusing to implement a responsible energy policy, etc, etc.

    --John Galt

  7. John, didn't that "Community Organizer" get more done than the previous two Presidents?

    The proof is in front of you now....

    Keith Harris
    Grass Valley, CA


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