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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Updated 5-26-2011, Ed Schultz, ManWhore?

Here is the latest outrage by the liberal manwhore talk radio impersonator, Ed Schultz.  I never liked him and now he has reinforced why.  I thought I would just give him back his own leftwingnut crap in his own terms.  To call Laura Inghram a "slut" is simply a fine example of the liberal.  They are seriously flawed people.  Laura is a cancer survivor and does lots of charity work across America.  But, she is a conservative woman, the kind the loony Ed Schultz can't stand.  He must prefer the barefoot pregnant one's that he bullies into submission.  Anyway, Laura's latest crime according to Schultz?  Reporting on Obama being overseas when all these tornadoes and deaths are happening here.  Oh, and Eddy boy forgets his excoriating Bush on Katrina and Bush was actually here!

So listen to the putz Schultz and prepare yourself for more leftwingnuts spewing their hate against anything conservative.  Schultz is a self proclaimed socialist.  No wonder they are only 20% of the people in America.

Update 5-26-2011

To MSNBC's credit they have suspended the Manwhore, Ed Schultz for a week.  Here is the article.

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