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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sorry dems, NY 26 means nothing in terms of future voting

47-43-9 does not mean a democrats will gain any seats in the next election.  HERE is the county by county numbers. The NY 26 race was not a referendum on Paul Ryan's budget and its Medicare component.  The only thing it means is the democrats know how to lie and obfuscate really really good.  The turnout was low in the district a republican won in 2010 by 5 points.  The victories are always a test of turnout.  Erie County was a 31% turnout and Buffalo gave Hochul all she needed to win. The following is from thew Wikipedia results compilation and shows the low voter turnout.  District wide, probably less than 30%

"The race was called for Kathy Hochul, the Democrat, by multiple local and national news organizations, including the Associated Press, at about 10 p.m. EDT, just an hour after polls closed.[40] Turnout was relatively light; not counting approximately 6,000 absentee ballots, a total of 102,991 votes were cast between the four candidates,[41] down from the over 150,000 votes cast in the 20th and 23rd special elections in 2009, and roughly half the 200,000 votes cast in the 29th special election in 2010."

I maintain it was a slap upside the head to republicans because Lee was advertising his married chest on Craigsltis.  Just like the fellow from Florida who was sending inappropriate messages to pages in the House, the people do like perverts, especially if they are a republican.  That along with the fact Corwin was a country club republican turned off a lot of turnout and the Tea Party fellow, (actually a democrat) took enough votes from the right to allow the democrat to win.

So, don't despair about a return to Madam Pelosi it won't be happening.  Harry Reid will become minority leader and Obama will get his walking papers.  All the Republicans need to remember is this.  Do not betray conservatism.  Defend your conservatism.  Don't become democrat/light or you will be defeated.  Have some guts.  You have FOX and talk radio while the left has all the rest.  You will never get a fair shake from the alphabet networks matter how chummy you think you are with them.  Just stick to the facts and make sure you meet the lying liberals every time with the truth.  I know it costs money when you can never get a news story in your district that actually tells the truth about you.  You have to direct mail.  At least you are not giving the lamestream media your money that way.

So, take heart and don't buy in to the liberal lies about what NY 26 actually means.  We will get it back just like the democrats did in Hawaii when the democrats lost their special election to a Republican.

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