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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ryan's Budget defeated 57-40 in Senate, Obama's defeated 97-0

Now that the euphoria is one day old in the 47-43-9 victory for a democrat in NY 26, the Senate has flipped everything back to the day before the election!  With the election a year and a half away, the democrats were counting on this NY26 squeaker as some sort of bell-weather vote against the Medicare proposal voted on by House Republicans.  This is how the political game works.  So the anchor for 2012 return to power by the left is kaput. 

Obama's budget faired much worse and yet the Senate democrats, led by Harry Reid have yet to propose a budget after two years.  The left has no budget.  They are paralyzed with fear.   What is on the record, sitting all alone regarding Medicare now, is Obamacare and its theft of 500 billion in Medicare money.  Maybe the democrats outsmarted themselves.  Up next will be another "Continuing Resolution", the last budget simply proceeding unchanged.  After that, the "debt ceiling".  The democrats are wrecking the country, devaluing our money and hiding inflation which robs everyone's pockets. 

These issues are the most important things we ask our electeds to do and are their jobs under the Constitution.  The democrats are proving they are outlaws with no respect for the Constitution or the people.  We have to work doubly hard to boot them from power and save our country.

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