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Friday, May 27, 2011

Absurdity of Secularism Momentarily Stopped by a Common Sense Judge

I ran across this story and it struck a chord with me because of its ridiculous (and costly) path though our system.  Some pin headed person, practicing the government's "peter" principle decided to censor the Savior's name from a Memorial Day invocation at a Veterans cemetery!

After trying to get some reason instilled into the process, the Pastor had to go to Federal Court!  The Judge sided with the Pastor and if the pinhead at VA doesn't withdraw the Pastor's invitation he will be able to say "Jesus Christ" at the gathering.  When you see how ridiculous the government  mentality is on this little issue you will perhaps better understand why America has to pare back the size and scope of government and its power.  This should also spark an interest in overhauling Civil Service so these kinds of pinheads can be sent back to the private sector.

I recollect back to the atheists forcing the sale of public lands in San Diego a few years ago that contained a war memorial cross.  The cross, which is part of the Mount Soledad National War Monument, has stood for sixteen years honoring Korean War veterans.  Pinheaded atheists and other secularists tried their best to get it torn down!  There was even an attempt to change the State's Constitution to clarify the right to have a cross on public lands.  This is how crazy our country has become with secular humanists. HERE is one article from 2005 on this cross.  HERE is another article from 2006 where the secularists challenged the city's 75% vote in favor of the cross (they lost at the appeals court).  HERE is a 2009 article summing things up to that date.  HERE is a Wikipedia chronology of the ridiculousness. And on and on it goes.

There are other absurd things done to Christians and their religion in America and when I see them I just shake my head in disbelief.  We have a few people who can use the legal system to stifle others freedoms quite well.  The fellow trying to get the religion out of the Pledge of Allegiance and off our currency comes to mind.  No one is advocating a State religion but we favor the free exercise of religion without the government telling us where and what to say.  When the courts forced the Ten Commandments from the foyer of a courthouse in Alabama a few years ago I knew our country was in deep trouble.  The Ten Commandments are the basis for most law yet the secular humanists were unswayed and the cold hand of the law prevailed.

America is in a mess.  The real threats are from within and they are the rejection of the principals and ideas which founded this country.  Along with the debt and deficits, our culture is at the top of the list on why we must take back America from the secular humanists.  We need to restore faith in our selves and our country.

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