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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Republicans in Congress Have A Jobs Plan

We seem to have an almost intractable problem in America.  Where are all the jobs?  Well, many went away in construction, maybe millions, and a lot of our old industrial jobs traveled overseas.  Many jobs were taken over by the Chinese, who it has been said use convict labor.  Democrats have been impotent in job creation and the Republicans now in charge of the House, have some ideas.  In a nutshell to date this is what they are going to try and do (from Politico) The full story is HERE.

"The. plan calls for cutting taxes on corporations, individuals and small businesses to no more than 25 percent; allowing companies to repatriate foreign profits without being taxed; approving trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea; expanding domestic oil drilling; rewiring the patent process; requiring congressional approval of executive branch regulations that have a significant impact on the economy; and continuing to slash spending."

These are tried and true ways to help create jobs.  I want to also add my two bits and say revamp environmental laws and other regulations to force the government out of the way.  My ideas though are considered to "extreme".  The left will always ask for more regulations and they never get rid of the old ones that never worked. Stop the grants and loans to most of the non-essential non-profits,, change competitive bidding procedures and get rid of Davis-Bacon.  That was a Depression era law to undercut black workers and its no longer useful.  It costs the taxpayers billions every year.  Also, change the purchasing practises and emulate Wal-Mart regarding how they stock.  I have more, but I know, this is boring as hell.
Go getum R's, and let the jobs begin!

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