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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Marijuana, Going Green Causes Global Warming!

This is better than Ripley's Believe it or Not.  This study jut released has proven that growing marijuana draws so much electricity it takes seven humongous power plants to keep up.  HERE is the article.

You just can't make this stuff up.


  1. In Nevada County and most other rural counties the VAST majority of grows are outdoors, they are SOLAR grows, no electricity needed.

    They grow green by going with green solar power.

  2. Even Steve knows how much those plants like the snow!


  3. There is a lot of data on indoor vs. outdoor grows available. Nevada County, Humboldt County, Lake County, Placer County, Mendo County and others with rural areas do most of their growing outdoors. Indoor grows are more concentrated in urban areas.

    Just ask our local Sheriff where the grows are. The VAST majority are outdoor grows in Nevada County. Across California many very large grows are on federal and public lands and are they are Mexican cartel grows.

    I am a former federal drug enforcement officer. I worked on a federal, multi state drug taskforce called "M.E.R.T.", based in Klamath Falls Oregon. Our primary work was busting grows on federal and public lands.

  4. Since this seems to be focusing on personal experience, last year I bought 114, 400 and 1000 watt industrial high pressure sodium lights from a sealed bid sale in Sacramento. I sold all of them locally and they weren't used for lighting any warehouses or shops.


  5. The vast majority of weed grown in Nevada County is grown outdoors. Just ask the Sheriff or any member of the drug task force.

    It's a lot like the grape/wine industry here and in Humboldt and Mendo. The quality of oudoor grows in these areas demand a higher price, they are highly valued.

    Then there is the mind blowing amount grown outdoors on public lands in northern California and in the Sierra by Mexican grow operations.

    15 seconds on Google and you can get the facts and a whole lot of stories that show this to be true.

  6. Steve knows more than the SF Biz Journal! Maybe now you can get a job.

  7. The best reason yet to oppose the legalization of Marijuana--it contributes to Global Warming--even if you (or Bill) don't inhale.

    --John Galt.


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