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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Obama is a Hack Partisan

In all my 60 years, soon to be 61, I can't recall a more wise ass partisan in the Oval office as Barack Obama is.  The so called budget speech this last week was too much for me.  He and his speech writers suffer from leftwing flu and when in doubt they become rabid mad dogs.  The American people are getting to see what we all knew way before the election of this ill prepared man to the highest office in the land.

HERE are some polls that show how the American people are finally waking up to this charlatan and his sycophantic helpers in DC.  This backwards move in support is taking place even though the lamestream media is doing their best to prop him up.  Liberals stick together and will lie their way to the finish line no matter what.  I have to give the press credit for consistency though.  They have been slobbering all over Obama and have yet to run out of slobber. 

The speech Obama gave this week was truly an eye opener.  He invites Paul Ryan and others who crafted the budget proposal (which I think still doesn't go far enough in cuts) and seats them in the front row at the King's Throne, (surrounded by teleprompters of course).  Then Obama proceeds to belittle and chastise Ryan and the Republicans.  I was shocked!  Not only did Obama appear to be childish and petulant, he never proposed anything to help balance the budget except INCREASE TAXES! Now why doesn't that surprise me?

Well, Obama has started his reelection campaign with a bang.  The lines are drawn and the next year and a half will be filled with all this leftwing crap dutifully reported by the loving Obama press lackeys.  Thank GOD for other media and of course, the Tea Party.  I am not a member but I sure like their tract of lower taxes and less government.  Obama and his socialist minions are the antithesis of my beliefs.  He wants more debt, more government and less individual freedom.  He said that in his nuanced way throughout the speech.  Well, many of us will be fighting to dethrone the king in 2012.  He has simply inspired millions of Americans to pay attention and they are rejecting him.

Remember when the left shouted from the rooftops that Abu Ghraib spawned thousands of jihadists?  Well, the Obama speech this week was his economic Abu Ghraib.  He has spawned a lot of America freedom lovers.

He has picked a fight he could have avoided but he is arrogant and a true believer in the Saul Alinsky tactics for community activists.  My guess is George Soros and Bill Ayers are very happy with Obama.


  1. I missed this speech of BO; what was the date?

    Regardlss, BO is a hack "organizer"; not a leader.

    Thank God for Trump. Even if he doesn't prevail, his communication skills, courage, and boldness will help tremendously to expose the BO.

    I can't wait to hear the BO supporters challenge Trump's qualifications.... "Trumping" the qualifications of a community organizer will be very easy to do.

    --John Galt
    p.s. I can prove my U.S.A. Citizenship

  2. "p.s. I can prove my U.S.A. Citizenship"

    As "John Galt"? LOL

  3. Sorry, I followed BO's example and left out my middle name "Hussein".

    --John Galt

  4. "John," I'll give you credit for a good sense of humor. Something BHO could certainly use.


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