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Monday, April 25, 2011

Gold over $1500 right now! Silver pushing $50!

Commodities seem to be headed for the stars and this all should be a wakeup call to all of us on the state of our economy.  The dollar keeps heading south and the rest of the world's countries are contemplating changing their standard comp currency away from our money.  What the heck is going on?

I am like most people in America when it comes to the prices of commodities.  Oil and gasoline are two I have watched over the years because everyone uses them.  I have considered any rise in their value as a direct "tax" on the people.  I know it isn't a tax but to me it is the same thing when the cost of the commodity rises.  We little people have no say in its value.  The fact the world runs on motors that need these fuels makes us all a hostage to them.  America became the greatest country in history because motors made it possible.  Now, we are watching a greater part of our incomes go up in tailpipes because the price keeps rising.  Commuters and truck drivers feel it first.  Then rising prices in the stores, subtle in the beginning, but now quite obvious, follow.

America has some of the most extensive reserves on the planet for fossil fuels.  I am amazed at the ignorance and wimpishness our politicians show us when talking about our valuable resources.  The left, and even some on the right, not many though, could care less that John and Jane must spend $5 a gallon to get to work.  They also don't seem to care that food prices are now rising rapidly and this double whammy is putting a huge hurt on the middle class families.  How is this possible the people in charge could be so disconnected from our reality?

I have been a huge supporter of mineral extraction and the use of America's natural resources ever since I can remember.  I agree we need to utilize them all in a careful and respectful manner but we need to use them.  Wealth of a country and it's viability to survive is directly tied to its natural resources.  American politicians and laws have circumvented that rule.  We refuse to utilize our resources because of a couple of things in my view.  Arrogance and and fear.

We became rich and fat and thought the gravy train would never end.  So, we started electing people to pass rules which locked up our resources because some people thought it was more important to be able to look at something instead of use it in our economy.  I remember when Clinton locked up the Grand Staircase-Escalate in Utah.  Millions of tons of oil shale and natural gas were taken off the future market.  Then we had the lockdown of the Alaskan North Slope.  Then the gold and silver mining in Nevada, under attack all the time.  We can't utilize our own renewable forests for the timber needed in our own country!  The list goes on and on.  We have to regain our sanity.  We need to realize certain things we take for granted everyday need our natural resources and we need to allow them to be extracted.

Gold is used in most electronic devices.  All the liberals and their cohorts, the eco nuts, own computers, cell phones and printers.  Most electronics need the precious metals yet these same eco extremists do their best to lock those resources up or defeat them at planning commission meetings.  California is a prime example of the stupidity of environmental extremism.  There is no more suction dredging allowed.  You can't cut any trees without a EIR or the permission of some "arborist".  Mining?  Heck, even concrete companies are inundated with so many rules they can hardly make it.  Even at $100 a cubic yard!   I remember when it was $25.  But, when you add up all the rules and regulations to get that yard of concrete to your new driveway, you can see where your hard earned money went. 

Same with timber.  The eco extremists have been so effective at shutting down timber harvests in California and most of the west, that when the housing boom hit in the early 2000's, the framing lumber had to be imported from Canada!  Instead of our people working in our forests.   The treasures of America must be allowed

Well, gold and silver are loved and used by most of the world's people.  They want it.  America has a lot of gold and silver but  it has become so difficult to get it out of the ground most people and companies don't even try.  But, at $1500 an ounce I think we are going to now see that change.  The price seems to rise because it is scarce, and it is scarcer because of artificial reasons.  The price of gold and silver, even in the mind of a eco extremist or NIMBY, has to bring them a lot of worry.  Americans want gold and silver, timber and oil.  We can deny reality for only so long.


  1. Larry Kudlow and his guests spoke on this over the weekend. See:

    The world doesn't have the faith in the US$ because of our growing debt and our adolescent approach to dealing with it.

    --John Galt

  2. The local " no mine, no how, no way" doesn't give a rat's posterior about demand.( except their own) It seems the worse things get economically around here, the better they like it. I will never forget the BS from them the first time around. " Green industry is coming".
    " Solar jobs are on the way" "High tech is going to come here because it's pretty"
    Is your crap detector going off yet?


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