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Friday, March 18, 2011

What is the Political Suicide Rate of Liberals?

Why would I ask that loaded question you may ask?  Well, because I cannot believe people can be so mentally screwed up without a end result of leaving the political planet for peace and quiet from their inner conflicts.  The small minority (20%) of liberals in America have a real conflict within themselves regarding living the vocal bluster.  HERE is a story on Obama's inability to be a leader and his affliction goes all the way down the liberal food chain till you arrive at our local leftwingnut liberal bloggers.

It seems thought the American lamestream media just can't bring themselves to criticize a fellow leftwinger, so when I want to get a true press analysis of liberal inaction I go to the British Press.  They seem to be honest in their assessments of Obama and his ilk.  So, what do I mean about political liberal suicide?

They are forever the critics of conservatives and their leadership and the left tells us this;  "Put us in charge and we will solve all the problems".  Oh really?  What really happens is the exact opposite.  They were lying and it always gets exposed as decisions need to be made and we get to see their indecision.  These liberal want a "one world government" and yet don't want to take on the responsibility to defend it, militarily of course.  The left has switched places with the right when it comes to foreign policy.  The right was the historically the group who wanted to be left alone and let the other countries iron out their own problems.  The left wanted us to intervene for many reasons.  To prevent genocide, protect Americans and in many cases, take out those evil dictators.  In those endeavors I agree, along with many more.  America became the most powerful country on the planet and now the left complains we need to withdraw within our borders.  I think they are simply mentally conflicted and that malady has spread to most people of the liberal persuasion. So they commit political suicide.

For instance, Darfur and Bosnia come to mind.  The right wanted to help the people of Darfur but because George W. Bush was the President the left was not interested. In Bosnia the left wanted and supported intervention because Clinton was the President.  All simply political game playing by the left devoid of true concern or morality.  Bush's AID's initiative for Africa was another conundrum for the liberal too.  Bush did more for Africa to help them then any other leader in history.  The left, having earlier  savaged Reagan about AIDS in the 80's was now thumbing their noses at the African initiative because it was done by a compassionate conservative.  Total leftwing hypocrisy.  How many people die on the planet because these conflicted liberals have got in the way of decision making?  Many.

So, once again Obama and the rest of the left are  showing us their mental illness and their lack of leadership.  In the old days America was looked at by the rest of the world as a shining light of freedom and justified power of good (and most were afraid of us).  The liberals have now trashed all that and we can read it everywhere from these fifth columnists (especially Obama's apology tour speeches).  Even here in our little county we get to read and see the results of liberal cowardice and the PC lunacy.  we are finally waking up here in America and we are going to restore our country.

America is a great and wonderful country.  We try to remedy unjust things here and other places.  That takes leadership and that is not possible with a liberal.  At the rate they are going they will be an endangered species real soon. Here is a video which explains it all anout liberals.


  1. Todd, consider inserting UK into the sentance: "HERE is a story". I think it's especially significant that the article about Obaman's poor leadership comes from the UK Telegraph.

    Remember the assault on Bush for causing our poor reputation around the world?...that's what The Left declared anyway.

    Obama is far worse, and only 2 years into the office.

    --John Galt

  2. I LOVE to see the hate mongering Republicans eating their own. If they truly wanted to show an ounce of credibility, they'd stand up and propose a few ideas that would create jobs, acknowledge that gay people are a harmless fact of life, that abortion is here to stay, that corporations should not get a blank check to do whatever they want, with no oversight, that our air, land, and water are worth saving, that big oil has reached the end of it's practicality, and that scientists are more credible than religious nuts.

    EJ Di Mera

  3. We are accountable and the left is not. You are still spelling your last name incorrectly. Why are you doing that?

  4. Dear EJ, Seems like CARB has a blank check to do whatever they want...and they're not accountable to anyone. At least corporations have to be accountable to the SEC, IRS, and shareholders.

    Seems like Obama has a blank check to do whatever he wants. Ignore Federal Judges. Ignore the Constitution. And appoint Czars that are unaccountable.

    --John Galt


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