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Monday, March 21, 2011

Todd's Stuff March 21, 2011

Life is full of little things and sometimes big things. I just love life and I hope you all do too.  I am going to be a gramps again, a girl, in July.  My youngest son and his love are just plain old excited at this miracle.  Another human on its way, class of 29'.  My fiancee has already gone crazy at the baby shopping stores, pink of course.  We all pray the baby will be just fine, ten toes, ten fingers, you know.

My daughter is engaged too.  Seems like it is in our DNA and the timing for all this family stuff is quite amazing. She loves the fellow and as long as they are happy and he treats her well, then I am happy too.  At least they have jobs!  My other son is now 30 and he plays in a band and is the lead guitarist.  All those screeching hours when he was a kid are hopefully going to pay off for him.  I told him not to forget his Pop when he gets famous.

My fiance's little granddaughter celebrated her first birthday last month.  She survived a heart operation at two weeks.  Modern medicine is truly amazing.  No Obamacare needed.  The rest of her family is doing well too.  Her daughter had a son in May last year and we will probably be having a big party for the little guy.  All this life!  All this love!  That is what makes us different tahn the animals and why GOD made us. 

Of course we have been having quite a spate of global climate change, you know, global warming.  Oh, how could that be you ask?  It has been cold and wet and the snowstorms have been endless this year.  The funny thing is, the global warming proponents tell us the cold is caused by warming.  They think we are all stupid I guess.  Anyway, I hope all their grant funds are cut off because they have played the biggest taxpayer ripoff in the history of the planet and they are now exposed.

The world is still a mess, but I think that is the way it will be forever.  This week we have the no fly zone over Libya.  The French led the way which is so surprising I had to re-read the life of Lafayette to gain my respect for them.  I like Sarkosy, and I like his taste in the opposite sex too.  The man can pick em.  I like the Cameron fellow from Britain as well.  He has emerged as a take charge guy.  I wish our President would too.  I hope Qaddafi becomes deceased defending his harem of Ukrainian blond bombshell nurses.  The man is old and weird and isn't ironic that Tripoli could have another bar in the Marine Corps Hymn?

We have learned that Nevada County is still something like 85% white in its racial makeup. This is in a free country where anyone can move anywhere they want.  Why is it then that some lefty's in our community that complain about the lack of racial diversity when it is quite evident they moved here knowing this was a plain vanilla county?  The brain of a liberal has to be tortured but their outrage at their own racial makeup makes me laugh out loud.

Congress is debating the debt ceiling again and I hope they don't raise it.  Every time I read a economic news story it is the same old thing.  The "experts" are surprised about every single economic report or outcome.  Well, why listen to them Congress?  Just do it, or in this case, don't do it.  We need the brakes put on now and what a golden opportunity to prove those economic "experts" wrong once again.  So Tom McClintock, our well respected Congressman, please vote NO on the debt ceiling.

Japan is having a tough time.  The earthquake and tsunami have wreaked havoc on them and they are in our prayers.  The nuke plants are problematic and now they have some contamination of the countryside around them.  I will stay out of the arguments about the severity of these issues of radioactivity and leave it to Russ Steele and George Rebane.  They are our local smart people on this issue.  I still believe the nuclear industry is one of the best ways to achieve long term energy independence.  Just build them in the right place.  I see now that coal is back in the news too.  Clean coal fuels a lot of our electricity and we need to honor it and the men and women that mine it.

Well, that's enough for now, I am listening to some great 60's songs and reading "The Five Love Languages" to prepare for my return to married life this year. Adios!

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