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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Media Matters Equals anti free speech free speech? The Liberal Fascists?

I have to say, David Brock is proving once again that he is one can short of a sixpack.  As the honcho of Media Matters, he has decided to take George Soros money and anti American plans and attack FOX News Corporation and its honcho Rupert Murdoch.  In my opinion Brock has bitten off way more than he can chew. The Politico has released a article on this fellows chest thumping and I must say, he should probably get a lawyer who knows something about non-profits. The Politico story is HERE.

A little about David Brock from the website of John Paulus:

"Before selling his soul, David Brock was a closeted gay conservative journalist who rose to fame with his books, The Real Anita Hill and Troopergate.  Learning that he could make more money by demonizing conservatives, Brock published severals articles in Esquire critical of Republicans.  In order to prove he had changed his politics, he apologized to the Clintons, claiming he had lied about the facts in his book, Troopergate. He later found Media Matters, where he is paid $300,000 a year, the same salary the conservative magazine, American Spectator, was paying him before they dropped him."

Now, based on what I know about Brock, I would call him a untrustworthy "journalist" who will sell his soul for the highest bidder.  its.  HERE is a short analysis of why Mr. Brock will be in big trouble using his non-profit for political and partisan purpose.  Kind of like some Nevada County non-profits do which may come to an end as well. What I find fascinating is the attitude Media Matters has for free speech.  How is it someone could be in the trade and have this view of others speech?  Isn't our country about doing a verbal instead of this?  Media Matters is telling the world they will fiscally destroy a business and its leaders if they don't adhere to their fascism?  Appears to be to me.  The left in our country is desperate.  From local leftwing bloggers to many in the mainstream media, if you don't agree with them you will be taken out.  Maybe not stood up against a wall, yet, but maybe later.  How someone or even a group of these someones, could justify this attitude in America is beyond me.

We on the right encourage more speech, not less.  We have endured, for most of my life, a slanted left bias in the media and still today, other than FOX, talk radio and the Internet, the mainstream media is still leftwing.  Well, I say Brock, bring it on, to quote GWB.  You all are losing the people of the country anyway, so why not drive the stake in your own heart?  Good, liberal journalistic suicide is on full display.  The left is not about freedom or truth it is about their leftwing dogma.  We on the right will meet you anytime, anywhere to debate the issues and philosophies.  You however, want to shut us up and shut us out.  The American people will have none of your fascism.

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  1. I listened to Chuck Schmuers comments on what he thought was a democrat operative only phone call. If any clear thinking democrat can listen to his attack on the American people and like what he says, then Media Matters has become their mainstream media.


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