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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Global Warming! Brrrr!

Well looking out my window I see more of that white global warming stuff coming down in buckets.  I haven't seen this type of global warming since the late 80's.  These storms just keep on coming and the news says it will last for a few more days.  I am waiting for the environmental wackos to start praising GOD that there will now be enough water to make the Delta Smelt smile.  But I will probably have to wait until hell freezes over.  Oh, maybe that is real soon.

Having been fighting the hoax since the mid 90's, I have been fairly accurate in pointing out the lousy science used by rent seeking hoaxers and grant seeking "scientists".  I have been called every name in the book by eco nuts and during the late 90's they were even threatening me personally for my opinion.  I called them out but as usual, they are all chickens and would not show up to say to my face what they were saying in publications.  Well, over time, people, even those educated in America, have seen first hand the hoax is true.

If science is taught correctly, everyone wins, but even here in the classrooms of NUHS, the science teacher was promoting the hoax.  I wonder what the foil of the hoax is teaching now?  I love it when a plan comes together.


  1. According to a local lefty science blog here is what NU is teaching students about global warming.

    Nevada Union High School teacher Anders Drageset, who teaches Earth and Space Science to sophomores and Physical Geology to juniors and seniors, on how he covers climate change.

    Both courses "cover the same standards...The Geology class is just ramped up a bit (tougher tests, more in depth labs, etc.)"

    Drageset said in lectures he covers greenhouse gases, their role in keeping the earth warm, then asks the students what happens if there's too little GHG? too much? they come up with the answers, then he points out what we've been doing, that we're producing more GHGs than are being absorbed; they discuss carbon sinks (trees, creation of oil and coal), and scales/timescales, and see that these sinks - particularly creation of fossil fuels - can't pull as much out of the atmosphere at the rate we're putting it in.

    For films, they watch and discuss An Inconvenient Truth, & discuss how the process of peer review keeps the quality of science up. They also watch the BBC video Dimming the Sun, to see that the global dimming from soot & aerosols of air pollution have been holding down the observed global warming, and see the possibilities for sea level rise and release of methane hydrates.

    It looks to me that these students are being spoon fed some really bad science. The question is what should the community do? What should the parents do, knowing that their children are be taught crap science. This will not help them get into college, or maybe it will of they are going to Penn State.

  2. Call Mark Heauser and tell him. He owns Plaza Tire and is on the school board. Maybe he can get some balance into the classroom.

  3. The good old boys network in action! LOL. Sorry Todd, the world is changing all around you. You poor guy.

  4. I heard you waddled into the NC Chambers last night and got made fun of because you have a sailboat in your driveway and were told to allow the homeless to use it. Is that true?

  5. Todd,
    Don't you learn anything from church?

  6. Jeff is is getting colder.

  7. Yes Jeff, I learned there are people like you and to avoid them if possible. Your phony attempt at telling people you will open your home is quite a joke. I read your blog story and even Steve Enos thinks you are nutty. Falsehood's before GOD, yep a liberal sanctimonious lie.

  8. Nope Todd.... I didn't say Jeff is nutty. I don't think Jeff is nutty... well not any nuttier than the rest of us.

    What Jeff did say at the NC meeting was he offered to open his house to someone in need when the weather was bad. You know Todd, like they teach in church.

    Todd you go to church, right?

  9. Do you go go church? How about Jeff? Are you stating your screed on his site (I actually agreed with most of what you said) was a bunch of BS? I would suggest Pelline's attempt to convince people he is sincere is not working.

  10. Oh Steve, BTW, I re read your post and you were pretty transparent about what you think of Pelline's position. Why deny it?

  11. Todd, I'm not denying a thing. My position/thoughts are not opposed to Jeff's thoughts.

    Church? I go from time to time. I don't advertise it. I'm more Taoist than anything else.

  12. Where do you find a Taoist church around here? What is their basic tenets?

  13. Taoist propriety and ethics emphasize the Three Jewels of the Tao: compassion, moderation, and humility.

    Steve: You could use a little more compassion and moderation.

  14. I suspect it's not the going to church/synagogue/temple that most important, it's the application of the spiritual teachings obtained there.

    To the point, I think I'll get a snow-blower for next year.

    --John Galt


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