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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CNN Poll, another Phony-Baloney attack on the Tea Party

I saw this poll commissioned by CNN to gather opinions on the Tea Party Patriots.  I had heard the poll showed a huge drop off of support and a large increase in the unfavorable view of the group.  Well, after reading the 7 pages I can tell you it is strictly a dopey attempt by the lamestream CNN to denigrate the TPP.

HERE is the poll.

The reason the "poll" is not even good enough to start a fire in my woodstove  is simple.  They don't poll voters!  They polled adults (of course some may be voters but who knows?).  Now, why is that important?  The TPP is a political movement as proven by the last year and the November election.  A relevant poll would have been  taken of voters, or more precisely, likely voters.  The poll also does not allow anyone to see who they polled as regards their political party  (in real numbers).  I do see some hints though and it appears it was heavily slanted to the left.  When you see a huge disapprove number you know it is the opposition being asked the question.  There is no way the numbers can change as this phony CNN poll says since the TPP has not even been in the news much this year. 

My guess is CNN wanted to do their masters a favor, their pals in the democrat party of course, so they commissioned this trash.  HERE is a set of polls which are a better arbiter of American opinion.  My question to CNN is this.  Why do you never publish this information on a sitting President?  Oh, that's right, he is your guy so that is off limits.  You didn't like Bush so he got your opinion everyday.  I guess the Tea Party is your Bush replacement bash recipient.  American "journalism" is dead.


  1. Hi Todd,

    I have been looking for the internals of the poll. My guess they are asking mored D than any other. As you pointed out, not voters but just people at random off the street. How they asked the questions is also important. I am not paying any attention, until we get a look at the numbers.

  2. Perhaps the same caucus leaders that were instructing Senator Schumer to label the GOP and TPP as extremest, also were instructing CNN on how to poll.

    Yes, the questions would be helpful. In fact we should insist on an independent audit of their poll. Releasing partial data, and the absence of the full question, leads one to conclude foul play.

    --John Galt

  3. The poll innerds was not available so I am alsways suspecting a push poll. CNN is truly a arm of the democrat party. When AP says anything regarding politics they too are in the bad for the democrats. I am sorry our local paper gives them any space.


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