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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Democrats Get Outsmarted in Wisconsin

The fleebaggers, those 14 chicken Senate democrats hiding out in Illinois have been rendered moot.  I say great!  HERE is the AP story on today's action and votes in the Wisconsin Senate regarding collective bargaining by public employee unions.  Notice I did not say collective bargaining "rights".  I don't believe it is a right.  It is a union strategy of collectivism against the taxpayers. HERE is a local TV News story as well.

I was wondering when someone would figure this out.  I mentioned this in an earlier post last week.  One thing about the rules, the people in charge generally know them and when confronted with scofflaw chickens like the Wisconsin Senate democrats, I new someone would find a way to proceed.  Sort of like life in general.  When something is a roadblock  some little organism finds a way to live.  Government laws and rules usually have escape clauses. As we know when the politicians and their hired legal beagles write laws, they try to think of every way someone could outsmart it.  Just like a General Plan and zoning.  People will find a way to get what they want and it is usually why we see a 2000 bill submittal in our legislature every session.  People have figured out how to game the law so the politicians ratchet it down.  Well, in Wisconsin, that is what they did.  The democrats left the state, they gave up their right to debate and try to change people's minds through debate.  They were chickens.  They thought, yeah, we will deprive the Senate of a quorum and they will be unable to act.  It didn't work

Now I hear them being interviewed at their undisclosed locations and they are crying and whining the blues.  They can't do that the chickens scream.  Well, yes they can.  If your sorry butts had been in the chamber debating the issues instead of at some swanky hotel out of state, then I would have some respect for you.  But, no, you abrogated your responsibility to your constituents.  You should resign your posts since you are now shown to be worthless in the political world.

Good job Republican Senators, good job Governor Walker and Assemblymen and women.  At least you hung tough, didn't run away and you took the heat.  Now you just have to get people into the chambers to clean up the trash the unionists have strewn all over the place. HERE is a video of the trashing and nastiness subjected by democrats in Madison.  Shame, shame, shame.

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