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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Liberals To Blame for Our County's Troubles?

When you read all the statistics from just about every sector of life in Nevada County they all have one thing in common, they are all going downhill fast. Why would this be?  We have a beautiful place to live and the weather is pretty nice most of the time.  The people are generally friendly and we are close to the high Sierra's and the City.  What could be causing our problems?

I believe it is the liberal.  The way a liberal thinks, acts and plays out its daily drama  have scared people away.  The liberal has proven over the last thirty years to be a nasty, negative beastie.  Every project in front of any political body is a target for the trashing game of local liberals.  After so many dreams get wrecked, the real makers of our county have boogied to somewhere else. 

Look at the General Plans of the cities and the county.  The fight over the buildout numbers during the liberals war on the general plan have never been achieved.  By a long shot.  Month after month in the 90's, the liberals screamed to high heaven the numbers were to huge and had to be reduced to something like 170,000 or so.  We have hardly broken 100,000 and our growth rate is around 1%.  Why was the liberal trying to use the buildout numbers?  Because all the rest of the General Plans policies hinged on that number.  How much industrial, commercial and residential land hinged on that number.  The liberals won and they affected the the economy of our county via that victory.  The results?  People never came and many that were here had no way to succeed with that number and the policies in the zoning ordinances.

I know, your eyes are rolling over in your head but believe me, mine were too because I went to all the hearings back in the 90's.  Those hearings placed into law the ways you can use your property and what its zoning designations were to be.  When all was said and done, the government run by the liberals placed every roadblock they could come up with in the way of business and business growth.  Yeah we have great surroundings but as we can all see, we don't have many jobs, or jobs that pay much.  Except government jobs.  I saw the demise of our resources businesses and the flight to other places of the once good payng jobs.  Those jobs became local low paying service jobs and touristy based jobs.  Not enough money could be made to sustain young families.  many have left.  One of the statistics is the shrinking enrollments in our schools.  BTW, aren't those School Mitigation Fees based on school enrollment increase?  Sounds like they need to stop collecting that three bucks a foot or whatever it is now.

Liberals are also nasty, mean and politically shrill here.  I don't understand how they can move here from somewhere else, complain about the ethnic makeup and call residents hicks, hayseeds and rubes, then deny they are part of the problem!  They are hypocrites too.  The liberal is to blame for the present problems here in our county.  They of course refuse to admit it and like all liberals, they blame others for the problems.  Well, they are becoming a smaller voice here because they have lost their credibility, why?  Because they are hypocrites.  We on the conservative blogs have exposed them to the light and the people don't like them.  There isn't much to like unless you live in Cuba, the liberals poster child for their version of success.

So, now we know why the county is having problems.  Hug a liberal tomorrow and try to get them to become nice.  Maybe that will help.


  1. Todd, you forgot "ignorant" "immature" and "delusional."

    Other than that you're right on the money. :)


  2. I hate all of those outta town folks, they come up here and foreclose on their houses and wreck the property values....

    Whatta ya think about that Todd?

    T. Harden
    Penn Valley

  3. Woodsy, sorry I left those terms out but you are correct. Thanks.

    T. Harden, another non existent person. Don't you liberals ever tell the truth? It just cracks me up.

  4. Russ Steele has a great article debunking the local liberal bloggers view of why Nevada County is losing jobs and not attracting new people. I tryed to post this comment o there but for some reason it wouln't post. Here is my post.

    Well done Russ. The liberals of our community don't seem to be supplying anything for the community except hot air. I bet if they would be honest and list their professions we could all see they are simply a bunch of fibbers. People are leaving our communities because of them. They destroy the dreams of people who don't fit into their vision of what a job or business is. Their strategy has worked very well. It has now spread to the whole state. Luckily though the rest of the country is embracing freedom and rejecting liberal/socialist orthodoxy.

    I have known many liberals here who have never had a job, or employed a single person and yet they claim to have all the right ideas. O truly think they have the worst composite parts for success.

  5. Todd,

    Thanks for the positive comments. Not sure why the comment would not take.


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