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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rupert Murdoch and FOX Make Huge Profits

What is success?  In the media world it is the same as any other business.  Success is profit.  Some people know how to make a lot of profit some don't.  Rupert Murdoch knows how to make a lot of profit.  Here is the story from the Financial Times.

While most of the newspapers and the old TV media conglomerates are heading south in the money making department, Murdoch and FOX are headed north, real quick too.  It seems his business model is well received by the American people and most of his profit comes from FOX News Division on he cable TV side.  In my opinion it is because there was someone who finally woke up and said we need to start serving the conservative people of America and unlike the old media who spooned out liberal tripe, FOX respects its viewers.

I started watching FOX when they started back in the mid to late 90's.  They were giving us programming and news which did not insult me and my fellow conservatives.  They were covering democrats and republicans instead of just covering good democrats and bad republicans. The issues they gave us in their coverage was new and unlike anything the mainstream media ever gave us.  They gave us common sense reporting instead of leftwing reporters skewing with their biases.  It was fantastic!  So the conservatives finally got a network that they could relate to and it has paid off big time for FOX.  Just like Rush Limbaugh started the same thing in 1988 with radio.  Now he is a gazillionaire because he lets us hear Conservative ideas and he tells us news we would never hear in the mainstream media. 

Yep FOX, Rush and all the other conservatives have tapped a huge market which the arrogant mainstream media refused to even acknowledge most of my life.  Congratulations to Rupert Murdoch and FOX.  Make as much money in our free enterprise system as you can.  We like the results.

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