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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BRRR! That Global Warming Sure is Cold!

There must be a disconnect from reality by the global warming hoaxers on our planet.  It has now become evident, even to the ignorant masses (as the elitist eco nuts call everyone else)  that these AGW pushers have to be mentally ill.  Every climate and weather event is just another example of global warming, even if it is snowing and raining anywhere on the planet.  The latest example I have come across regarding the lunacy of the grant seekers is this article in the Sacramento Bee.  Read it HERE.

The real problem with this kind of "story" or "fantasy" is two fold in my view.  The science purported in the article is crap and the "journalist" who wrote it is unable to pick up the telephone to get a contra point of view.  The lack of other opinions from those folks who disagree with the hoax is why the story teller is in the wrong business.  The story teller, Renee Schoof, is a sad example of why most people don't read the lamestream media anymore.  These story tellers are so biased they would write anything the Faux scientists of AGW believers give them.  They never question the common sense aspect of the assertions by the Faux scientists.  This is what many of us call "journalistic malpractice".  I have seen this for many years when it is a story about the environment.

Seth Borenstein, a AP eco story teller, has been spouting the fantasies for years.  I have had numerous back and forth emails with him over the years and he is a true believer and totally myopic when contra views are expressed.  He is also a nasty writer, nasty meaning mean.  I think though over the years, enough people have exposed his biases so many times he has marginalized himself.  Just like the East Anglia Faux scientists have done.  

The reason science has become politicized and marginalized is not because some right wing cabal has done it.  It is because the left has used it to try and gain power.  Some have said the eco groups have become so prolific because the communists from the failed USSR and it acolytes had no where else to go when the people of those countries threw them out.  When you read their eco propaganda, you have to ask yourself, maybe it is true!  Gorbachev is the biggest example.  Why would the most powerful leader of a communist state, the USSR, morph himself into a environmentalist?  

Anyway, read the Sac Bee story and if you don't start belly laughing like I did then you must be a brainwashed Faux , lamestream media lemming. LOL.

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