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Monday, January 31, 2011

Koch Brothers Scare the Hell Out of the Lefties

Over the last couple of years I have watched and read the liberals of the country go apoplectic everytime the mention of the Koch Brothers arises.  I did not even know who they were, the Koch Freedom Fighters, but I know a little now.  Usually anyone who receives this much negative press from the New York Times and the lamestream media has to be top notch American patriots.

The Koch Brothers had a meeting in La Quints, California and it was attended by other people who the lamestream media called right wingers.  The hotel did not allow the media into the the grounds so I wonder how the press knew everyone was a right winger?  They don't which makes the reporting that much more ridiculous.

I guess the discussion groups supposedly talking about things such as personal freedom and free enterprise and the strategies to inform the people about them.  Just plain radical!  When I read the reports from the lamestream media I just breakout into guffaws.  Here is an example of what the lamestream media finds radical. As reported in the Southwest Riverside News,

"But in the brochure description, Koch Industries said its meetings were to "develop strategies to counter the most severe threats facing our free society and outline a vision of  how we can foster a renewal of American free enterprise and prosperity".  Scary eh? The full article is HERE.

The fascination with these two fellows who are billionaires is perplexing to me.  They seem to always want more freedom for people and yet the liberals attack them relentlessly.  While George Soros and most other leftwing billionaires and the non profits supported by them are left alone by the media, one can see why the press has become untrustworthy an lower on the totem pole than a used car salesman or trial lawyers. 

When I read the press reports the "journalists" dutifully report the most outlandish comments from their buddies on the left.  Here is one example,

"The Koch Brothers agenda is most definitely a death panel agenda," She said."  She is DeAnn McEwen head of the California Nurses Association and a protester at the Hotel from across the street.  These are the same people who called Sarah Palin a nut because she said there were "death panels" in Obamacare.  Is that not a hypocritical thing to say by the Nurses? 

Anyway, I am doing so more research on the Koch boys but I sure would like to see some fair and balanced reporting on Soros and his leftwing pals.  But I guess hell has to freeze over before we get that information.


  1. I hear you. Death panel?! Now that is funny! That ranks right up there with "global climate weirdness."


  2. Good one Todd. Keep reporting on what the Koch Bros and other similar people are doing in the face of the onslaught. That Soros' socialist soirees are never in the spotlight draws no one's ire is a very revealing asymmetry.

  3. Good report Todd, thanks for keeping us informed. The anti-Prop 23 forces we just sure that the Kosh Brothers were funding the pro-Prop 23 effort and used that fact to scare the left in to donating to the campaign against Prop 23. The left really does fear the bothers.

  4. Yes they do, the lamestream media didn't even interview someone from the brothers POV, just the left loons across the street from the hotel. BTW, I spent 5 years there and lived close to this place. You really have to try and find it.


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