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Saturday, January 22, 2011

CABPRO Dinner Honoring Assemblyman Dan Logue

What a handsome group!  This photo was taken on Geroge Rebane's camera at the CABPRO dinner at Penny's Diner last night.  The event honored Dan Logue and was a packed house.  The photo individuals starting from the left are, George Rebane, Martin Light, Dan Logue, Barry Pruett, Russ Steeele and yours truly.  This was taken at the close of the event.

If you desire a synopsis from people that actually took notes go here and here for a very detailed wrapup. George and Russ are very accurate and both are much more detailed.  My points are strictly from my memory.

I got to see and chat qith a lot of folks I had not seen for a long time.  Lowell and Wanda Robinson, Crawford and Josie Bost, Charles Fowler and many more were there to listen to Dan Logue give us an update on California politics.  He was actually very positive even though the democrats have 52 and the Republicans 28 in the Assembly.  The democrats are trying to pick off two republicans which would give them a 2/3rds to raise taxes and fees.  Dan said it won't happen.  The last time was Abel Maldanado and we all saw what happened to him. 

I was honored to sit at the table with Dan Logue and his wife Peggy, as well as Kim Janousek. Kim is on CABPRO's board.  John Spencer, former District Three Supervisor was there and it was announced he is the newest CABPRO board member. Excellent!

John Mistler, former Yuba County Supervisor was also in attendance.  We had not seen each other for years and it was nice to catchup a bit.  We served at the same time and hung out when we went to CSAC meetings.  He is a true free market capitalist and good guy.  There were many more folks I chatted with but I don't want to get too carried away with the social part.  I do know the social part is important though because most everyone there likes each other and we have similar views of government and the cause of our state's and country's problems.  Liberals. 

All in all it was a nice evening with a great prime rib dinner by Penny and her hubby.  Even the cookies were great!

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