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Friday, January 21, 2011

Are Liberals Smoking Too Much Funny Weed?

I read the Union Newspaper, local blogs and listen to radio and TV as well as having conversations with many people around the area.  I have come to the conclusion the liberals here have to be in a constant hallucinogenic state.  Nobody could be so nutty and and believe the things they do if they weren't smoking the funny plants and taking under the counter drugs.

These people tell us all how smart they are yet we know now they generally make up their worldviews from whole cloth.  For instance, the liberals think our County is going purple, a combo of the red and blue designations from a map which was published after the 2000 Presidential election.  When shown the county is still a conservative county, the liberals deny the facts.  The stats show the numbers disprove their assertions but that doesn't matter to them.  They want it to be so, so just like Ramses 11, so it is. 

Global warming and cap and trade are another set of beliefs by liberals which fly in the face of the facts.  These liberals claim anyone who doesn't believe them is a science denier, a Luddite.  They refuse to believe anything but Armageddon will happen to the human race because another two parts per million of CO2 is in the air.  They want to scare everyone, mostly the children, and we had to fight hard to defeat the liberal but we seem to have done so.  These liberals have no problem with brainwashing our children into thinking there is no future for humans.  They have done great harm to the inherent positiveness of our people and I think the liberal should be ashamed of themselves.

How about energy?  The liberal here, along with their phony baloney organizations (tax takers) spew their propaganda about oil, natural gas and all the other forms of energy the planet has to offer. Rather than spending their money on developing new energy sources, what do they do?  They preach Armageddon again.  Why?  Because these people are the true Luddites.  They have no faith in the humans ability to meet the challenge of energy.  They are opposed to our modern energy policies and lifestyles because they are opposed to personal freedom.  They are the same people who believe the government is the only source of control of people.  For some reason, these liberals have no faith in the individual and only trust the government.  They are little people who have no power and they will place themselves in charge of the rest of us by being the government.  That is the way humanity was for all time until the USA came about.  I just can't understand why liberals would give up their own personal freedom  and return to feudalism but they will if they think they will be in charge.

There are many other areas where the liberal is wrong and when they get the position of boss, we get to see what happens.  California is the best example.  New York and Hawaii too.  They drive us into a nanny state then tax us into poverty.  Rather than trim back regulations and ridiculous laws, they always want more taxes and fees.  America is headed to become the larger version of California.  The bright spot to me though is the rest of the country is waking up and booting these liberal from power.  California will hopefully jump on that bandwagon soon.


  1. Hello, I'm Dan Kenner

    I have no dog in your fight, don't live in your area, never heard of you before, just landed here via a series of links when I came across some flamewar you were involved in when I was looking something else up. I could have asked anybody from that flamewar these questions, or any one of thousands of other people just like you, left and right, but I'll ask you:

    Why do you do this stuff? What motivates a 60-year-old man to be eternally enraged, to engage in petty little online pissing matches *all the time* with other purported adults, trading insults with them and so forth? Just a couple of decades ago, before the widespread use of the Internet, this kind of behavior was considered embarrassing to the people engaged in it, because it's so incredibly childish and insane. You (and your enemies) don't seem to be in control of your emotions. You don't seem to be properly developed or at all well-adjusted. Which is fine, there have always been such people. But they didn't all used to proudly display this kind of behavior, slapping their names and pictures on this behavior, which should actually be humiliating to you. Right? Shouldn't it?

    I really don't even mean this as an insult -- this phenomenon has always just mystified me, and I'm genuinely curious. Wouldn't your time be much better spent doing other, more productive things? Just for instance, how much reading could you have gotten done in all the hours, days, and years you have spent doing this nonsense? Judging by the assertions you make and the arguments you put forth, neither you nor your "enemies" really know what you're talking about. You just sort of repeat platitudes you've heard on talk radio or read on blogs or whatever, and you don't really try to convince anyone of anything. "Liberals must be hallucinating if they believe in global warming" or whatever. But that's all you say: you don't present a case, you just mash a lot of stock phrases together with a lot of insults. And many liberals do the same thing, though frankly these days its found far more often on the extreme right.

    (I'm center-right, if that matters, which I don't think it does -- but I know it's important to online commenter types who make everyone either a "friend" or an "enemy.")

    What good does that kind of thing do anyone, including yourself? How can you possibly make what is essentially a hobby out of this? Serious question.



  2. Well Dan, you have your opinion and the rest of us have ours. What do they say? One ,man's junk is another man's treasure? You consider the blogs junk and we consider it free speech and believe it or not, fun! You throw out little insults in your screed and then complain that bloggers do it to. Perhaps you should review your own words for yourself. The wonder of being human is God gave us speech and a brain to use it. Because you may not like the tone or comment is your view not ours. I would say perhaps another local blog, Sierra Foothills Report at should be viewed by you and you will see the debate is very heated there and it is an extreme left blog. My guess is though that until I see your same post over there, you are simply a shill.

  3. Well, as I noted, people on the left do this, too. As I also noted, ideologues tend to assume that everyone else also has an ideological agenda. I don't. I could easily have asked some enraged left-winger the same questions. Your type, sadly, is really a dime-a-dozen, and I could have asked any one of many thousands of you. I just happened to choose you because your page is where I was when I decided to ask.

    I'm also not trying to abrogate your speech rights (where did you get that idea?). I really didn't mean to insult you, but I guess given the questions I asked, I couldn't help but do that. That wasn't my aim, thought -- my aim was to find out what could possibly motivate you to act like a 14-year-old boy hour upon hour, day after day, year after year.

    But you didn't even address the questions, you simply made up a bunch of stuff (I'm a left winger, I'm trying to restrict your speech, etc.). The question remains, though: why do you, as a 60-year-old man, spend your time energy on this stuff? What do you get out of it? And how can you not feel humiliated by it, given that your name and picture are attached to it? I get why Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter do it -- millions and millions of dollars. They're willing to trade away their pride and self respect for giant piles of money. But why do *you* do it?

    I know now that you won't answer, because you can't -- you're in a bubble. But I think that deep down, you must know that it's essentially because something in you is broken -- and that's the same thing that keeps you from addressing the actual questions I ask. I kind of assumed this would be how it would go, so I'll move along and leave you to it now.

  4. I answered your questions yet you refuse to acknowledge them. You use liberal code and I am used to that. You do not answer any of my questions yet somehow that is overlooked. Yes, if you had posted these concerns on the liberal website I would have been more inclined to give you credit for honesty, but you didn't. You are simply a liberal shill and your response or non response proves it. You have outsmarted yourself. When you use Glenn Beck without using Ed Schultz, you show us all your bias. Nice try.


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