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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Liberal Media Insanity Abounds!

I have been watching and reading the media accounts of the goings on in DC and all I can do is shake my head in disbelief regarding their stupidity.  The way they report and the things they report on should give Americans pause.  If the people are paying for these "reporters" education, they are being severely shortchanged.

The Republicans were the loyal opposition for two years at the Presidential level and four years at the Congressional level.  The liberal media trashed them at every turn.  Thank GOD for FOX News and other conservative media because the American people deserve the truth.  At least FOX gives both sides a shot. 

Anyway, November 2, 2010 was a huge sweep for the Tea Party and conservative Republicans and a disaster for democrats and liberals yet you would think it was an Obama/Pelosi/Reid victory.  The left still has their majorities in the Congress, just as they have had since 08'.  They could have passed all this crap they are shoving down America's throat anytime they wanted.  They didn't, why?  Because they were being political instead of doing the right thing.  They knew if they pursued some of this crummy legislation they would have a hard time getting re-elected.  It happened anyway, thanks to the Tea Party.

So, the media, rather than questioning the lame duck reasons for the democrat tomfoolery, characterize this session as some sort of victory for them and Obama!  Is it any wonder the people of America hold "journalists" at a lower respect level than used car salesmen?  America will finish the job of throwing out the liberals in 2012.  The people are fed up with the liberal liars and charlatans and Reid/Pelosi are their poster children.  The lamestream media should also resign en masse and allow real journalists to populate the ranks.  We need truth.  If there was any doubt about the phoniness's of liberal media types, watch MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and NBC and read most major newspapers.  Also, even here at the local level we get to read the tripe of so-called journalists on local leftwing blogs.  I truly  think there is a DNA strand missing from the human side of a liberal journalist.

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