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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Goodbye and Good Riddance

To say I am ecstatic that Arlen Specter has been booted from power is quite the understatement.  To me, most of what is wrong with a politician is embodied in the ego of this man.  I used to like him especially when he interrogated the babe who trying to destroy Clarence Thomas during the confirmation hearings in the early 90's.  She was a liar and Specter, a former prosecutor in Philadelphia, exposed her to the world for the charlatan she was.

But things change over time and some people, like Brett Favre, can't seem to retire in honor.  They think they are invaluable and Specter showed that last year when he bailed on the Republican Party for the democrat party.  100% ego driven.  He sold his soul to the Reid/Pelosi/Obama store and in the end the good people of Pennsylvania would have none of him.  Thinking he would have to face a Toomey primary fight which he believed he would lose, he bolted.  Not only did he bolt, he became a mouthy narcissist, sort of like the FUE here in Nevada County.  He was unwilling to place his 30 years of "service" in the hands of conservative primary voters.  He just had to be mouthy.  What he didn't understand is the democrats of Pennsylvania, a moderate bunch, kinda conservative really, listened to him and decided they didn't want him either.

Specter should have retired when he discovered his cancer and yet even that did not deter his ego.  I remember him chastising Michelle Bachmann on a radio talk show.  He was obviously a person who deemed himself smarter and more important then she.  Well, Arlen, buddy, she won re-election.  You didn't because people of good will don't want your type of egomaniacs running things anymore  You are a defeated pol, you could have gone out on top, but your ego got in the way.  You are now NOT going to be missed.  Thanks for your service. Happy New Year at home..

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