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Friday, December 17, 2010

Earmarks Axed!

The Tea Party has now proven it is not a flash in the pan as the left has tried to portray it.  Yesterday the sour faced Harry Reid, Leader of the majority in the US Senate, withdrew his 2000 page bill filled with pork.  The Bloomberg report is here.

After John McCain, Senator from Arizona and a consistent champion against earmarks made his pleas to defeat the bill, and with all the pressure brought to bear by TPP and other reasonable Americans, Reid yanked the bill.  I was amazed that Reid would conjure up a 2000 page monstrosity only days after the rebuke of his party on November 2, 2010.  Well, liberals are full of hubris, we see it here with our local leftwingnut bloggers, so I suppose I should have expected the move by Reid.

I listened to some of the debate on CSPAN and it was no surprise the tax and spend liberal democrats were all for it and the less spending republicans were against it.  America can see in real time the stark contrast between the party's philosophies.  The left is destroying our country and even our state.  The republicans and the Tea Party are trying to save it.  We need to defeat many more democrats at all levels of government and take back our country.  2012 will hopefully be the proof the people of our country have regained their senses.

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