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Monday, November 15, 2010

Rangel the Crook? Maybe. Ethics? Nope!

UPDATE 11-16-10, Rangel convicted of 11 of 13 ethics counts by a evenly divided Ethics Committee headed by Zoe Lofgren, liberal democrat from the Bay Area.

Charles Rangel, the democrats tax man over all of us, walked out of his ethics hearing today.  Read the article here.  He was whining and crying a river about how he is being picked on, not informed of his rights and plain  old misunderstood.  I have never much cared for him because he seems to me to be just another plain vanilla arrogant liberal.  I did give him slack because  I respect his service in Korea.  This whole imbroglio is of his own making and I give him credit for helping Americans see how corrupt he and the democrats really are.  His troubles helped elect a lot of Tea Party Patriots and regular republicans.  Thank you Charles!
Rangel is one of those do as I say, not as I do liberals.  I bet he would sic the IRS on any scofflaw who failed to pay his taxes.  I just want to revel in the knowledge the TaxMan was led away by the IRS for cheating on his taxes.  Maybe like Saul in the New Testament, who became Paul and one of God's chosen voices on earth, who was also the taxman, Rangel may come to Jesus and fess up.  Tell the truth Charles, please lead your personal reformation by telling us all how you acquired all that stuff and never paid taxes on it. This is why the American people have had it up to here.

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