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Monday, November 15, 2010

"Acting White" Author Interviewed

I sometimes watch interviews of authors on C-SPAN and last night Ron Christie, a black conservative, was interviewed on Book TV. The heading reads:

After Words: Ron Christie, "Acting White," hosted by Janet Langhart Cohen.

 I had seen this fellow before but I had never seen such an in depth interview of him.  He is very impressive.  He worked in the first Bush Administration and then for GW Bush and Dick Cheney.  He handled the questions and observations by the woman, a black woman, obviously a liberal, quite well.

 You can see the future airing times here.I am so impressed when a person of color bucks the status quo, in this case meaning being conservative in a 95% democrat world, and then standing up to the abuse heaped on him.  He explains how he gets death threats, is called and Uncle Tom, is ridiculed constantly and is approached and threatened on the streets all the time.  He is brave.  He has some great stories about Dick Cheney, Clarence Thomas and others he worked with.  One story he cited about Maxine Waters was especially poignant.  

Waters actually berated him in her office after seeing him in a hearing working for a republican congressman.  He says it was a lousy thing she did and it showed him the leftwing blacks could care less about anything but black/white.  He is an American first and race should not be the measuring stick.  It was one of many instances he had to defend his conservatism.

He is also not PC which I found refreshing.  The moderator was constantly shaking her head in disbelief that republicans were actually the party not blinded by color.  I could see her confusion because everyone is told it is the democrats not blinded by color.  Christie dispels that myth quite handily.  So, I am going to order the book, watch the interview and you too will see the democrats have been exposed again for their blatant racism.


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