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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Republicans Gain a Huge Number of Legislative Seats in the States

I knew we did well across America in taking back many legislative seats, but I had no idea it was this huge.  The Washington Post article is here.  Things look real good for 2012.

California is the exception to the republican sweep across the country.  In our state, since it is a heavy leftist stronghold and gerrymandering in 2001-2002 locked in democrat hegemony,  a change to sanity will take some time.  I do believe California will regain its senses and return the state to a well balanced state. Sometimes it takes one election, sometimes two, but the people will finally wise up here.  At least here in our Senate, Assembly and Congressional districts as well as Supervisor and Councils, we have sensible republicans by and large in charge.

So, with Republicans shaping decisions at the state levels I think we will see many innovative solutions to debt, deficits and over-regulation.  The people are rising up.  The biggest reason in my view is because the Tea Party became energized and inspired people turned out who had never been involved before.  Little old ladies, veterans, just regular people.  The elitists were too busy directing their slaves and forgot to go vote. LOL.  The regular folks have spoken. They will keep speaking.

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