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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Very Good Day So Far for Conservatives

It has been a good day already and it is only about 8 am as I put this ditty together.  I have attached a link to the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA) recommendations on many political races and the propositions here.

We also have a California Supreme Court decision, unanimous I might add, that confirms the Governor’s right to furlough state employees.  And, the local Editor of the Union Jeff Ackerman has written an excellent Op-Ed on Props 23 and 25.

We also have some polls found at Real Clear Politics that show a tightening of races for the underdog republicans, here.  Yes it is a good day so far.

Most of the time I agree with the HJTA.  They are pretty much a conservative organization.  They look out for the taxpayer.  This season is one of agreement between them and me.  Prop 25 is a ruse by the democrats to achieve hegemony over everyone in California.  If we are in the budget mess with a 2/3rds requirement, can you imagine how much worse it will be if they only need 50% plus one vote?  Lest we forget the budget deficit is actually about $50 BILLION and they all raised our taxes in 2009 to close the gap to $19 BILLION!  If Californians change the 2/3rds vote requirement for a budget, the flight of business to other states will become a flood.

Prop 23 will suspend AB32, a job killing act by the government passed in 2006.  When unemployment levels drop to 5.5% for four quarters in a row, AB32 will reignite.  AB32 is a travesty and propels the myth of man-made global warming into some sort if legitimacy.  I have written many times that AGW is simply a scare tactic to allow politicians to raise taxes and fees on everyone and everything alive or dead in California.  Wait until people’s electric bills skyrocket and their gasoline costs five bucks a gallon.  Gray Davis will remembered kindly if AB32 is implemented.

I urge everyone to read the propositions thoroughly and review the qualifications of all the candidates before you pull the lever.  This could be a very good year too fo conservatives and our issues!


  1. Good post Todd. You are right on target!

  2. The concept of having only 50% approve a budget in California is down right scary. AB32 will in fact create employment....government employment, so they can FORCE compliance with the funny science. I'm all for "clean & green" and all that, but cannot support AB32 if it is going to drive business out of California. Let the free market bring the green.


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