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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Al Gore the AGW Hoaxer, Heckled in Florida

Kendrick Meed invited the snake oil salesman, Al Gore, to speak at his political rally in Tampa in support of  Meek's run for Governor and he got the whatza here.  Serves the bloated fool just fine in my opinion.  Gore has been peddling his bad "science" for years but it turns out it is just a money maker.  Fooling people into carbon credits and calamities, Gore has made over one hundred million bucks off the backs of mostly dumb liberals.  Well I suppose that is OK, that is less money for their political favorites like Meek.  Meek is trailing badly in the three way race with Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist.


  1. When I see that England restricted his movie, and I see the size of his house, and read about him making a ton of money off of funny science, I can't help but conclude he subscribes to the current god called money, and the apparent love of it.

  2. Nah.....Gore has inherited money. He doesn't need GW to support him! What you report is laughable.

    EJ DeMira

  3. No you Gore bootlickers are the ones that are laughable.

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