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Monday, October 25, 2010

Michael Barone Has It Totally Right!

This analysis by Barone regarding the mood of Americans going to the voting booth is spot on.  You can read it here.  He uses the term "bossy" to describe what government has bcome. I totally agree.

Americans, at least most, (except the left) don't like to be told what to do and we all thought we escaped that when we left home.  Well, nanny and poppy got hired at the local, state and federal government and they are BACK!  I for one have fought regulation and over-regulation all my life.  When you build a house in Nevada County and the state of California, you will feel the same as I do.  Every little thing you do is scrutinized and judged and possibly disallowed.  What happened to us?  Barone nails the "feelings" of why we are rebelling again.  Americans are not children and we do not need nanny to tell or guide us through life.  We are a great country because we historically rejected big government.  We are going to have to enable a major overhaul of government to get rid of all the needless and overbearing regulations and laws which make us slaves.

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