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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Delaware Senate Race Debate, Christine O'Donnell Kicks Coon's You Know What!

Well there it was, a Senate debate between Christine O'Donnell and the three liberals.  One was a self proclaimed Marxist, Chris Coons and the other two liberals were Wolf Blitzer and some liberal woman who was obviously hostile too Christine O'Donnell.  Christine O'Donnell is attractive, smart, glib and did her homework.  Coons was your typical politician, and was he ever arrogant!  Typical liberal hubris and he was constantly smartmouthing Christine O'Donnell.  The liberal female reporter appearered to me to simply be lealous of Christine O'Donnell's great hair and looks.  She cut her off from answering her (liberal "journalist") long and accusitory questions and appeaerd eager to let her obvios favorite, Coons, get the stage.  Wolf was barely better and I think he too was jealous of her great hair.

I read some of  the NYT and USA Today articles after the debate and they were filled with the love of Coons and dislike of Christine O'Donnell.  I am sure she probably got a fair shake at FOX and WND and some of the other fair minded media from the right.  Coons actually referred to his own Marxist article about himself  as tongus in cheek, hunor if you will.  If you want to see what a lie thas is read it here.

So from my view, it looks like the press and the Marxist will be the recipients when the pie thowers of truth, the Delaware voters, have their say and elect O"Donnell.

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  1. Todd,

    This is hilarious. Well done. "Great hair and looks." You're killin' me.

    Over and out.



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