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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Green Jobs? Are they the Saviour? Nope.

A Sacramento Bee article on the green jobs mantra is quite telling.  They are 1% of the total job market and will probably not grow much over the next few years.  Of course, the leftwing advocates of these grant sucking jobs will still be beating the drums for them.  Read the story here.

VOTE YES on Prop 23 and stop the hoaxers in their tracks.


  1. I have yet to see an actual definition of "green job" and therefore fail to see how statements such as "[Green jobs] are 1% of the total job market..." are in any way meaningful.

  2. If you find one would you let us all know. The Bee article was actually not bad. I watched the debate tonight after getting back from Political Day at Sierra College with Barry Pruett. Were there to register students. Anyway, I thought Meg answered the AB32 questions and Prop 23 stuff very well. She used 3% for green jobs. Jerry just wants to hire roofers.

  3. The US Bureau of Labor admitted that they do not have an accurate definition that can be applied across all states. Each state has a different definition. The CA EDD has defined the state green work force at 3.8% What EDD did was look at all jobs and re-classify those they considered green. A can re-cycler was simply reclassified as a green job and added to the growing green economy. This is slight of hand, it not a new job, just a relabeled job. Details can be found in a EDD report Titled: California Green Economy. If can be downloaded from he EDD web site.

  4. Russ is correct, I too have read some reports about the "reclassification" issue. It reminds me of a shell game. Green jobs have been with us for years now. The problem is this push for new regulations and demands from the government, which is why I will vote Yes on Prop 23. There are too many unknowns in the legislation and California needs to avoid doing anything that will drive more businesses out of the state.

  5. Here's the US military's description of green jobs:

  6. All agree? all warm and fuzzy. Where the hell is the debate?

    EJ de Mira


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