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Friday, October 29, 2010

UPDATED! Clinton Wants Meek, the Black Democrat Senate Candidate in Florida, OUT!

The Wall Street Journal story here is quite an eye opener. Democrats seem to always throw their black political prospects under the bus when it suits the master.  I am always amazed at the arrogance of white liberals when it come to actually living and practicing what they preach.  They  try to shove down the throats of everyone else what they refuse to do.

Republicans want everyone to succeed in America.  We want each person to be and feel important and productive.  Democrats want voters in lockstep and docile to their failed policies and social and world views.  I moved away from Nevada County as a young married man and went to a bigger city for a while back in the early 70's.  I went without prejudice since there weren't any minorities here.  My parents were not prejudice,  I did not have pre-supposed ideas about people different than me.  What I found in the city were people of all different colors and backgrounds who wanted the same things I did, success in America.  We all became fast friends and worked together.  I have never really understood how people could have or dislike others just because they are a different color or come from a different country. Call me Pollyanna, but Bill Clinton and the liberals, even the President, should be totally ashamed of their cynical and racist positions.

Addendum 10-31-2010

The New York Times has a article here which discusses the affect on black voters that Clinton's escapade may have.  Not good for turnout on the Sunshine State.

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