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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Middle of the Road Voters Going Right!

 MOTR voters are trending to the republicans and it does not surprise me at all. A article and poll  by CBS News here contains some interesting facts and figures about different demographics affecting the upcoming election and one thing is for sure, only one demographic is static, blacks are retaining their overwhelming support for Obama while most others are moving away and teaming up to vote Republican. My question is, since it appears to be a national trend for MOTR's to vote Republican, will our local, self proclaimed MOTR bloggers be voting for our conservative candidates in this election?  My guess is no, they are really die hard left wing and their protestations at being described as leftwing is a smokescreen.  The image below is the generic House vote preference.

The nation, other than California, is trending right mainly on fiscal issues and the overwhelming debt placed on the country by democrats and Obama.  California is probably going to maintain the status quo (which amazes me no end) based on my reading of the polls.  California status quo means leftwing policies, more regulation, taxes and monstrous debt.  For some reason our state is locked in some sort of denial about who and what we do here regarding governance.  But, this is always been our forte', some sort of rebelliousness which now has become our headstone's wording.  "We are now practising the status quo". Live with it.

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