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Friday, December 13, 2019

Time Newsletter picks another ludicrous "Person of the Year"

Time Magazine declared this little gal their "Person of the Year".  As usual, the one person that chooses is in my opinion, on mind-altering drugs.  Sixteen years old and now a celebrity made possible by a vacuous fawning liberal media.  This little gal is a brainwashed human and now a tool of the left to push their propaganda on global warming.  Greta Thunberg is the latest victim of the hoax and appears to be all-in for the political theory. The left has no shame in using children to push their agenda.  Just like Sadaam Hussein and ISIS would use children as human shields, the left uses minds full of mush to make their points.  I watched this little gal scream at the world at the UN and blame progress for the "end of days".  She was really a sad sack and appeared unhinged to me.  She parrots all the eco terror talking points and is convincing if you are an ignoramus on the issue.

It seems to me there are a lot of others that could be chosen, but the Time Newsletter is PC and of course she is a great pick for the PC crowd.  So just more hooey to chew on and more emotion to deal with.  I feel very sad for the little gal who should be playing with dolls with her friends or getting ready for the junior prom.  Another sacrifice for the lies of the eco nuts.   Next up she will undoubtedly be a special guest at the Academy Awards and bash Trump and Clint Eastwood as capitalist pigs.


  1. Todd, the problem is you and I. We are not "woke" like the enlightened ones that want to dictate how others must live.

  2. Woke is a big nothing. A replacement for PC.


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