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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Democrats Ensure Their Own Political Demise

Republicans say Thank You Santa Claus!!

Last night the Democrats in the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump.  Two democrats crossed over to vote NO so the NO was the bi-partisan vote.  Democrats have never accepted their defeat in the 2016 election and have been doing their best to undermine and get rid of Trump since before his inauguration in January 2017.  The vote last night was the democrats last chance to get the man before he is re-elected in November of 2020.  In my opinion they have self-destructed their credibility and their party in the eyes of common sense and fair minded Americans.

Trump’s victory was a shock to the swamp and to the old-line political class.  He is a populist and his policies and techniques, along with his personality, have made the swamp creatures of the political system go apoplectic.  He won 302 electoral votes and sent Hillary Clinton into the mental hospital along with all her acolytes.  But that did not stop the swamp creatures from trying their best lie their way into power.  They had some dirty cops in the FBI and the Justice Department that created a “insurance policy” to get rid of Trump.  Of course, they lied to create a Russian interference narrative that kept America on edge until the outcome.  The outcome was Trump and no American “colluded” to deny Hillary Clinton the election.  After 40 million tax bucks and two and a half years of up-close examination by 19 lawyers all Clinton supporters and donors, nothing was uncovered.  Why?  Because there never was anything to uncover.  Yet the democrats would not accept that.

President Trump just kept on trucking and with a phone and a pen (a famous Obama line) he got the country back into a success mode.  When the democrats took over the House in December 2018, Nancy Pelosi and her gang of malcontents decided to spend all their time pursuing another set of lies they created to get Trump.  This time it was a phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian President.  And the democrats through a shill “whistle blower” created a swamp narrative about a quid pro quo to gain an investigation of a announced candidate for President, Joe Biden.  Biden was sent by his boss Obama to be the US overseer of the Ukrainian government.  Soon after that appointment, Biden saw his son hired by a corrupt Ukrainian Oligarch who appointed him to his corrupt companies Board.  And Hunter Biden was paid $83,000 a month for doing a job he had no experience in.  Natural gas.

Well the democrats saw an opportunity to go after Trump with a “made-up” charge of extortion and bribery.  If you read the transcript
You will not see anything close to the democrat allegations in the conversation.  And the so-called Whistle blower (WB) got his information third hand, not first hand like it should be.  And we found out the text was totally bogus as the WB was a democrat partisan Trump hater.  So, the democrats said to themselves, we have to impeach Trump because he will win re-election if we don’t.  So last night the democrats did just that.  The problem is the two articles they voted on contain no crime.  Both are actually unconstitutional.  Read the Constitution and you can see there are only treason, bribery and high crime and misdemeanors which can be used for impeachment.  Nothing in the democrat’s articles contain any of those four things.

We can now see the reasoning of the democrat’s destruction of our Constitution.  They have created a political reason to impeach and that makes our system void.  It becomes the same a a Parliamentary system where the Legislature pick the President.  Americans will not let this stand.  And they will punish the party that tore up our Founding Documents.

Today we see Nancy Pelosi holding the articles and not transmitting them to the Senate for the trial.  So, we all get to see the true tyrant, don’t we?  She makes up her own rules just like a KING.  Well, we will see what happens in November won’t we?

If you want to save our great country from the democrat oligarchs, make sure you vote for the people that are patriots to America. The Republican candidates.


  1. Yes Todd you’ve hit every point right on the head!
    I can’t wait for the end of the story when the left get covered in the quick sand that they created!
    What a disgrace to our Country and the Joke the democrats have made out of the USA along with the division they caused. They wasted not only time that could have been use to actually accomplish something to help Americans but also wasted over at least 40 Millions of Dollars that could have been spent in much better ways, I.E. building the wall that most of Americans want!
    Trump 2020 and let’s keep America Great!!!

  2. Poor insane Nancy. President Trump isn’t "impeached" until the House sends it to the Senate. The President is not impeached at this time. The Constitution says impeachment is a process, not a vote.

  3. this post aged well!! LMFAO!!

  4. If your entire defense is preventing anyone from testifying....
    You probably did it!!

    The dems cant release the Articles of Impeachment because they are under audit. (this is funny no matter what side you are on)

  5. Looks like the Pelosi strategy s a flop. Trump has a rally tonight in Milwaukee and the dems have a "debate" as well. My guess is the rally will have twenty times the people.


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