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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Democrat, Deep State Coup Defeated

Since he came down the escalator in 2015, Donald Trump has been the target of the democrats the media and the bureaucracy of America. Why would that be one might ponder? Well he is a threat to their way of life and they will do whatever it takes to defeat the man. And boy did they! It all started with Obama at a Correspondents dinner where Obama told a visibly angry Trump he was his target for ridicule that night. In my opinion that was the moment Trump decided to run. Of course, Trump had questioned the birthplace of Obama and his possible legitimacy to be President. Many people in America still think he was not born in America. But Trump got mad and he ran to destroy the legacy of Obama and his massive government takeover. And he has succeeded beyond the dreams of many “small government” people.

Trump won the Presidency fair and square over Hillary Clinton. But Clinton in her slimey democrat way tossed a bone to the press by buying and paying for a set of lies we know as the “Steele Dossier”. She paid foreign agents to put together a set of lies trying to make it appear as if Trump was “colluding” with the Russians and therefore make him a traitor. The media and the Democrats took the bait and along with crooked cops in the FBI, NSA and the CIA, the journey to this week started. All this of course happened under Obama and all the players are his people. The results of this “witch hunt” concluded with the complete exoneration of Trump and the American people, cleared in the “Mueller Report”. No collusion by any American. The charge of “obstruction” came from Trump’s legal firing of James Comey of the FBI. Comey has proved to be a liar and a charlatan.

Today I read the Editorial by the Union Publisher Don Rogers. His screed against Trump was typical leftwing propaganda. Rogers calls Trump a racist. Sorry, he is not a racist but that trope is all the left has in their quiver. They are using it for every issue of debate. Not working anymore. And it appears Rogers is unaware of the Democrat’s agenda and their platform. As well as their new leaders called AOC and Three. All haters of this country and racists, yes racists against “white men”. YouTube their speeches and you will see exactly what Mr. Rogers failed to mention. So, the democrats want “open borders”, and they are campaigning on that every day. The 26 democrat Presidential candidates are what observers of politics call, SOCIALISM. All government control of you, you property and your money your body. Is that what America desires? I say no, we are all in for freedom, the Constitution and individual rights. Mr. Rogers fails to mention these extremist ideas are the opposite of Trump.

If the Democrats want to impeach Trump then do it and get it over with. Rogers makes you think Trump wants this. What a crock. Americans of good will want the Congress to get on with the business of the country. Immigration reform is top of the list. Healthcare, infrastructure and many other things are what Americans want fixed. Trump has had little or no help from the House Democrats so he has done what Obama did. Executive Orders to get things moving. And the country is doing great. The economy is cooking and all of that is Trump’s legacy. One last statistic that I think everyone needs to remember: If you remove California’s popular vote totals from the 2016 election, Trump wins by over a million votes nationally. Maybe the left getting all those illegals into California worked?

Trump’s base is also ridiculed by Rogers. 63 million Americans? My my. Why do those in charge of the ink by the barrel belittle so much? Funny though how many Obama Democrats came across the line and voted for Trump. Maybe they knew something the media types can never understand. And please use other news sources than the AP Democrat.

Trump has faced a daily barrage of lies from the lameststream media and the democrats. When Obama was President I never said anything about him like the left is doing to Trump. And that was because he was elected and I accepted that. So maybe the Democrats should shut up and get the work of the people done and leave the rest to the voters.


  1. AOC and her associates are doing a fine job of insuring Trump will prevail for another 4 year term. Keep it up girls, we are lovin' it. And the more democrats scream "racist!", the more yawns we see when the attacks continue. It is getting boring, they need to come up with some new material. Try as they may, they will fail, thank gawd.

  2. Will the FUE cover this?

    A large painting of former President Bill Clinton wearing a blue dress similar to that of Monica Lewinsky’s and red heels was found hanging in the New York City mansion of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

    1. Naw those metros stick together.

    2. The other reason Frisch makes those comments is he has no kids or family. Lonely so he lashes out. Sad.


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