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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Democrats defend Strzok in Shameful Exhibition of Lawlessness

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FBI Agent Peter Strozk
Most Americans did not watch the hearing this last week where Peter Strzok, a FBI Gman,  testified.  If you paid attention to the news about this man you might come to the conclusion he was a biased person against Trump.  Thousands of text messages demeaning Trump and his voters spewed forth from this man.  He was once a trusted member of our treasured FBI.  Now he is nothing more than a partisan hack with a terrible physical presence.  His body language and smirking and angry responses to questions he said he could not answer were beyond the pale.

How the FBI can keep the American people in the dark about this travesty of a man and his babe paramour, Lisa Page, an attorney in the FBI, is beyond my comprehension.  Ever notice that a bureaucrat picks and chooses to answer a question using the phony "ongoing investigation" get out of responsibility card?  Strzok had numerous lawyers behind him at the hearing.  We Americans are paying tor them.  They are withholding the truth from us.  I say fire Strzok and all those lawyers and any other employee of the people for insubordination.  Clean them out.  We require answers not excuses.

Strzok claimed he was not biased against Trump and that he was unaffected in his investigation of his favored candidate, Hillary Clinton.  We now know he exonerated her in writing was before he even interviewed her.  He allowed her electronic devices to be "cleansed" and smashed with a hammer after the Clinton people removed the chips.  Hey where are those chips?  Strzok is not believable at all.  But he smirked his way through the hearing and made it clear he is unfit to be an FBI agent or a street sweeper for the people.

The most shameful aspect to me, however, was the democrats on the committee.  They interfered in the proceedings by whing, interrupting and accusing the majority with what they called a "witch-hunt".  Aren't these the same lovelies that criticize Trump for using that term in this fiasco they call the Mueller collision investigation?  Of course, it is, the left are hypocrites to a huge degree and the American people see them for the scum they have become.  And to make things even worse, the democrats tried to divert the committee to "immigration" and the separation of kids from the illegal adult parents at the border.  That did not fly at all.  Chairman Goodlatte did a good job is running the hearing as the democrats constantly cried and whined about it.

The defense of this man Strzok by the democrats was quite the eye-opener.  Not long ago he was hated by these idiots but now it is their hate of Trump that as made them change course and love this slime Strzok.  If anyone thought the democrats had any ethics or morality, this exhibition they put on this week should change their mind.  I think the left is self-destructing. So let's get out of their way.

The democrats are now the radical; left.  They want open borders, higher taxes, ban the Second Amendment and now they want to get rid of ICE, the immigration agency that gets the criminals.  The democrats are all about lawlessness and they favor illegals over their own American constituents.  It makes no sense.  Unless they are looking for future voters if they can achieve their dream of Amnesty.

We do have a great divide in America and it was all there to see this week.  We must not allow these people called democrats to gain power as they will destroy our country in favor f their love of illegal people.


  1. Mukasey makes a very cogent point.

  2. "Thousands of text messages demeaning Trump and his voters spewed forth from this man." Show me the proof that they were all about Trump.
    Does an emoji sent by text count?
    Ur a Fox propagandist unless you cough up the proof!

  3. Another extraordinarily cogent point.

  4. This is former Soviet Union we are dealing with. Not freaking Iim Jong Un or Iran. Clearly Putin is a bad actor thug. What’s the point of blasting Putim on international tv? Play the game and oppose Putin at every turn. Words are words. Actions speak vastly louder. Jam Russia everywhere. As Teddy said...speak softly but carry a big Schlick. 😂

    1. Right on Barry!

    2. Take away their natural gas market and Putin can not afford to screw with anyone. He gave them a taste of living normal as a dictator and now the realities hit home. No more vodka for everyone.

  5. Trump is smart like a fox. Beat Hillary hands down. Gave Putin the "kid gloves" treatment. Fork the press and the Obama hold overs.

  6. Trump is doing a great job, his work ethic is 10 plus.
    The liberals and fake press will will never back off.
    Let the defectors eat cake.
    Liberal heads will implode when he is elected to serve a second and is President for four more years.

  7. Trump chastised Germany for the pipeline deal with Putin. Now the press loves Merkel and she is colluding with Putin and Russia and almost becomes a vassal state. Trump wants to sell out LNG to the EU so Putin gets th shaft. If that is colluding then unicorns are alive here in Nevada County.


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