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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Saturday Immigration Rally June 30, 2018

I was contacted about being part of a rally to support the "wall" and other reasonable policies on immigration.  I plan to be there.  This is the message I received and it is from a person who immigrated LEGALLY into America.  See you there.

"I am attaching a word document with a montage of an event to take place this coming Saturday June 30 apparently organized by a group called “Families belong together”.  Actually when you drill into who seems to be behind this event you come up with the ACLU and George Soros through the!!!

In view of the attention the issue of illegal aliens’ families being split up I thought that we should mount a “counter rally” to support our President’s  policies in regard to our Southern border.

We don’t know how many people the “Families etc”  will muster for the event but whatever their number I hope we can outnumber them!  As you will see in the attached document the “Families” group have Event ground rules that include: “By choosing to attend this event, you are committing to participate nonviolently and in accordance with the law, to work to de-escalate confrontations with others …”  I think this is most laudable rule and per our usual  mode of behavior we should likewise commit ourselves to the same rules.

I will have signs for everybody with slogans appropriate for this event, however if you’d like to make and bring your own sign you are welcome to.


  1. Where is it at?

  2. Yes, why are you afraid to post that? Afraid of being outnumbered? Of course you are, because you will be. You are the minority, not the majority.

  3. At the usual place, Brunswick overcrossing,aka burger basin.

  4. We may be outnumbered as the libs are all on welfare and foodstamps and have a lot of free time procreating. We folks that are responsible have less free time so that is why the left can muster more lazy ass people than we who work and have jobs..

  5. I occupy a lot of space in the small brain of Jeff Pelline. His party holds a slight edge in registration in the plurality of voters and he thinks it is a blue wave. Though our county leaders are mostly from the right, he thinks otherwise. The fact his minions came here to grow their own drugs and manufacture meth and now opiates and got registered to vote by the democrats is all someone needs to know about Pelline's lack of intelligence. Nevada County is still a "right if center" place but when someone is a moron like Pelline, you just can't believe the truth. Anyway, the man was booted from the job of Editor in our little podunk county which tells people all they need to know about his lack of smarts and he has no community support as I do.

  6. Lets see. One person here speaks multiple languages, lived in multiple countries, has multiple degrees and owns a successful law firm. Pelline "was booted from the job of Editor in our little podunk county which tells people all they need to know about his lack of smarts and he has no community support". ROFLOL

  7. “The Families Belong Together Protest hasn’t even begun and there’s a good 350 people in the protest versus 35 in the counter protest.” — Reinette Senum

    “Meanwhile, the few that felt that putting children in cages all packed up early, returned to their cars and went home. Honestly, they had a pretty impossible position to try to defend. Bye!” — Roger Strong

  8. Here's dozens of pictures linking to the local anti-Trump immigration poicy rally. Look at all the people:
    Meanwhile, where are the photos from Todd's group? ROFLOL.

    1. There were plenty of us. The anti-American group had there cameras and chants. We got the most "honks" f support. They got the finger way more. What a hoot!

  9. We went by to see the local liberals protesting the deportation of illegal immigrants and supporting the abolition of ICE. 😂😂

    I truly can’t believe that they think that is a winning election issue. 🤣


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