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Monday, July 24, 2017

Drug dealers and molesters, off the planet!

It seems that every day we read about the arrest of someone for drug dealing. Now I really don't care if people want to smoke the ganja or have a cocktail, but when it comes to heroin and meth and cocaine and other hardcore drugs, I care. But our society and the lawmakers think "rehab" is the answer. So the people caught feeding their poison to others get light sentences. In the Obama eight years, along with his AG Holder, they actually decided not to aggressively prosecute these drug dealers. And did their best to drop the sentencing requirements for crack down to regular cocaine sentencing! They were black men who said cocaine, the real thing, was a white privilege drug. So to balance out the crack dealers sentences, crack had to be "whitened". But crack dealers have done terrible damage to their own people and many a boy has died in the gang wars of the inner city. Longer sentences were in order as to the depravity of the drug effects and marketing in my view. What is the solution? If we as a nation think we need to stop these poisons from being peddled, we need to get serious. If a person is selling to kids, the death peanlty is in order. If they sell to others of age, life. And we need to do something special for all these people. Murderers as well. Make the Farallon Islands their home. I am sick of spending $100,000 a year per inmate taking care of these worthless pieces of excrement in our prisons and jails. Drop them off to the Islands, air drop some food periodically and let them have at each other. After a while word will get around and the problem will solve itself. I also think anyone messing with little kids in a sexual way needs to be neutered. Cut off their privates. What good are they? The wreck the lives of little kids so to me a punishment like neutering is not cruel. It is beneficial to the molester and society. Time to bring back the pillory as well. You burgle or harm others and you get to be on display for all to see in the public square. When someone breaks into your home and steals your stuff, that punishment is the least we should do. I'll grow and supply the tomatoes for those wishing to toss them at these scofflaws. Rant over!

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