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Friday, June 9, 2017

Brits are as evenly divided as America!

Theresa May
The elections called by Prime Minister Theresa May were held yesterday and the outcome was quite interesting to me.  The Brits are a Parlimentary system and they choose their President (Prime Minister) from either a outright Parlimentary majority or a coalition of two or more parties.  Well, that is the case as we see the loss of seats by the Tories (like our Republicans) to a total below the 326 needed for a one party majority.  So May will have to get another party to join hers in order to keep the majority.  The Labout Party (like our democrat party) did not gain enough to form a government with any other party.  So Britain will still have a Tory in charge.

HERE is the results.

What is interesting to me is how the press reports all of this.  The press in Britain hates the Tories just like they do the Republicans here.  Even though May and the Tories got 318 seats this is deemed a loss by the press.  But just a few years ago we saw the same thing with the Tories winning David Cameron was the PM) and having to bring on board the Liberal Democrats to gain the majority.  And it worked just fine.  So a small party of 12 seats gets to be a important part of the government.  Unlike here in California where the democrats have a "super majority" and do not need to talk to anyone else to ram their agenda down our throats, the Brits will have to talk to the LibDems.

So my view is the Tories will do just fine and their manifesto will be in force.  There are some Tories that will now have to be listened to like Boris Johnson.  He is a strong voice on immigration.  And the Brits will be easing out of the EU and it is better to have them in charge than the Labour party.  That party is now in charge of a communist!  All in all it will be fun to watch the BBC gnash their teeth in disbelief that the Tories won.  Good luck to Theresa May and the Tories, they get as much respect as Trump does from the leftwing media in America.

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