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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Aaron Hernandez commits suicide, a death penalty self imposed

Dead by his own hand!  Good!

The murderer saved the taxpayers a lot of money.  He had the world by the tail and a great job but he just could not resist killing someone.    But justice has been served.  Hernandez like other killers, pedophiles, molesters, rapists and other scum need to be off the planet.  And the death penalty is still favored in our society to do just that.  But wait!

Somehow the people who want these slime to live on at the expense of the rest of us keep getting in the way of their ultimate justice at the hand of the hangman.  State executions are not something I or most people take likely.  We want to ensure the unequivocal giuilt of a killer before he gets the injection.  But the liberals could care less.  It is some kind of mental illness to support the life of some monster who gleefully takes the lives of the innocent.  And those scum do it in as many horrific ways as they can think of.

Yet the so-called "smartest" lawyers and bleeding hearts among us seem to have forgotten the victims.  It is more important to those defending the killers than it is to help the victims.  Somehow these people defending the killers have made the Eighth Amendment into a safe haven.  But in most people's view, "cruel and unusual punishment" is not at play.  It is getting the virus off the planet.  America has tried to make the execution as pleasurable as possible.  With drugs we have put them into a sleep then while out, injecting the life ending drug.  Unlike the torture and depravity these killers afforded their victims.  And somehow we have allowed the defenders of these killers some sort of moral equivalency for the killer's lives.

We all want to make sure we are only executng the guilty.  DNA is now helping to weed out those wrongfully accused.  And so we can be certain about the guilt of these people.  I personally have no problems with serial killers getting the rope or the juice.  Why is the left thinking they have a superiority on those that want to cleanse these killers from the planet.  And we see no remorse from the killers.  Many say "thanks" for catching me.  They say if they were allowed out they would kill the innocents again.  Some killed many innocent people.  Young women and kids.

Hernandez did all of us a favor and hopefully he showed the rest of the killers a way out of their cell.  The death penalty needs to be used and justice delayed is justice denied.  To the victims.  So let's stop the weeping and gnashing of teeth fpor these killers and let the justice for the victioms begin.  And unfettered.

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