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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Republican Spring Dinner well done!

John Young, Congressman Doug LaMalfa, Moi
About 130 people showed up for the dinner at the Alta Sierra Country Club last night.  Along with the auction (I got some jewelry for my GF) and the basket supplied by Deborah Wilder, we all enjoyed a tasty beef dinner.  The basket I won contained items brought back from the Republican Convention by Deborah.  So I feel like I was there!

Bob Hren

New Chairman Bob Hren was the MC and he has a great voice for it.  He did a fine job and kept the agenda moving along.  I think the Central Committee is in good hands.  And Betty Hood was there too!  Betty and her late husband John were the people that got me involved with the NCRCC in 1995.  (website is under construction) .They knew I was a controversial guy with my CABPRO but they felt that was a plus.  I was elected chairmen on the first ballot, over two others.  And it worked out good for me and the committee.  We were the second committee to have an internet connection in California.

Deborah Wilder
Deborah Wilder, past NCRCC Chair,  was the keynote speaker and she did a fine job of giving hope to the Republicans of California.  The party has many plans to take some seats this next election and deny a "super-majority" to the democrats.  I hope we can. 

The Rebanes
The committee gave their yearly scholarship to a young high school gal who recorded her essay on tape.  She was very inspiring as she recited her views on freedom and the Constitution.  She received a $1,000 scholarship that was matched by George And JoAnne Rebane.  They were so inspired by her message they wanted to help more.  Great!

Don Bessee
Doug LaMalfa
Congressman Doug LaMalfa then gave us his update on the goings on in Washington DC.  They are working hard on healthcare insurance and tax cuts.  As well as many other issues.  It was nice to hear from the person actually doing these things.  The filter of the lamestream media liars would have Americans think nothing is happening.  LaMalfa also talked a bit about the Townhalls he is having.  Of course 1200 liberals showed up here to shout and squeal and disrupt (my opinion).  He also discussed the Townhall he did in Oroville.  That was even more raucous and many of the attendees were from outside the District.  You can see and hear them on YouTube.

The Brosts.  Hardworkers for the party!
Bill Cardoza on the left, Ed Walker of Robinson Ent. on the right
I saw many old friends and made some new ones.  Bill Cardoza was there.  He and I worked for Assemblyman Bernie Richter back in 1996 in Sacramento.  I was there about nine months and we were working on a bill to save billions on state purchasing issues.  But when we were about to submit it, Governor Pete Wilson said NOPE.  I lost a lot of respect for him.  But Bill is still there!  He is the District Coordinator for Senator Ted Gaines.  Bill and George Osborne and David Reade were all part of the crew.

Bob Hren and Dan Miller
No major announcements were given out last night as things appear fairly calm now.  John Young is to be credited with his generosity and he and I and some others are planning a Berkeley visit next week to see Ann Coulter.  We will see if she comes.

A nice group

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