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Friday, October 21, 2016

Trump has the critics all a flutter. What a hoot!

Remember when the democrats were apoplectic when Trump said he could shoot someone on Main Street and get away with it? Of course it was humor but that is the way sourpuss liberals react. Now Trump says he will not give up his right to protest a vote which is totally smart. Al Gore sued after his numerous recounts showed he lost in 2000 to Bush. And Gore only wanted recounts in the counties he WON! The SCOTUS finally said this mining for votes was unconstitutional unless the whole state was recounted. So Gore conceded after 38 days.
Now we see the thuggery we on the right always knew the democrats were doing. The latest undercover videos exposing the democrat brownshirts admitting their strategies and successes in disrupting Trump rallies has gone viral. These democrat thugs also admit they are going to disrupt the voting and will commit voter fraud to get Hillary elected. These thugs also indicate that she knows about all this. No "plausible deniability" here.
So we have a true outsider to politics and the system everyone says they hate and want to change. And what happens? The establishment on both sides is doing their best to destroy Trump personally as well as the corrupt media. Sure he is brash and a big mouth but look at his opposition. He has done nothing to disrupt a Hillary rally. He has done nothing to her except expose the truth about her and her followers.
Is this what we want in America? Do we want to maintain the status quo? Or change. Remember the Executive is in charge of five million employees. And they will do what he or she wants. Just look at Obama and his coverup of Hillary's felonies on the classified emails. So get your sorry asses to the polls and change America's direction from disaster. Vote Trump.


  1. There has not been one single incident of election fraud in a Presidential Election in the US since Bernie Sanders ran for President against Hillary.

    1. I recall that Obama got 110,000 votes in a Ohio County where the population was only 80,000.


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