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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Rants and Rolls October 29, 2016

We Americans sure are different aren't we?  Different in that we as individuals still have the right to speak our piece without fear of the government coming to arrest us for heresy or some-such.  Most other countries on the planet are not so understanding.  Even Canada our northern neighbor has "hate speech" laws that keep people from writing or talking about things the government does not like.  Like race, climate and gender issues.  If you have a opinion they don't like you can end up arrested and charged and then post bail if you have it.  Mark Steyn a noted conservative ran afoul of the Canadian PC crowd and it took him years and lots of money to finally win his case.  Noted conservatives like Ann Coulter are attacked and run off the stage in Canadian colleges and not a whit done to her attackers.  But utter something like, "Oh global warming is a hoax" and there is all hell to pay.

But in America we like our speech.  Free speech.  Of course slander and libel are not allowed and inspiring a riot by speech is not allowed and rightly so.  But most common speech is under attack by the PC fans and it has permeated many places in our country.  Liberal PC fans steal and burn conservative student newspapers.  Liberal wimps need "safe spaces" to shield them from speech they disagree with.  College professors who reject PC are routinely fired and reassigned.  Free speech on campus is attacked and threatened.  All this PC I thought was supposed to be peaceful protesting?  But no, the left has shown us they cannot make their point without violence.

Trump rallies have been infiltrated by paid thugs by Hillary Clinton's campaign.  Paid to start fights and make it look like Trump's people started it.  Remember Chicago and Santa Clara? As well as wearing anti-Trump outerwear to inflame others.  I have yet to see any arrests of these paid hugs from the left, have you?  Unfortunately though the young people of our country have been getting the short end of the stick regarding their Constitution and all its "rights".  Man on the street interviews of college kids on their own campuses show their complete illiteracy regarding the country and its founding documents.  All this show me they are either stupid or ignorant.  I would hope it is just ignorance.  But why?  They are not taught the laws and rules and ethics we were apparently.  Even the smallest thing like a picture of the Vice President befuddles them.  I heard a audio of these minds full of mush interviewed yesterday about ObamaCare.  The ploy was this.  Tell them the double digit increases in the premiums were just fantastic.  And guess what?  These numbskulls thought it was just great!

Locally there is a full page article in TheUnion today penned by Frank Pinney.  He asks is Obama a Muslim?  Now I don't agree he is but this man can say it, pay for the space to distribute it and rightly so.  It is his money and the Union has every right to accept his article and his money.  The ultimate in the exercise of free speech in my view.  Then Norm Sauer wrote a article today as well.  He is a Trump supporter and proud of it.  There was also a article by local lefty activist Cheryl Cook.  She extols the virtues and her undying love for Hillary Clinton and tells us we all need to vote for her.  All fine with me.  Yet a local blogger, well known for his extremist views of the liberal persuasion, decries the Union's decision to allow Sauer and Pinney to post their articles.  While remaining silent or in support of Cook.  Totally that person's right to say those things but thank goodness he is not in charge of those decisions to publish.  He would be the best example of a "commissar" in the old USSR.  And his stance fits right in with their PRAVDA propaganda and censorship.

We have been informed by FBI Director Comey that the email scandal of Hillary Clinton's making is open again.  Why?  Must be some really bad stuff that he says was overlooked or not available the first time around.  Cynics say he is doing it for politics.  All those democrats who applauded Comey last time are now excoriating him.  Somehow "Carlos Danger", the well hung democrat married to Hillary Clinton's Uma, sidekick extraordinaire, is in the middle of all this.  Of course Carlos, AKA, Anthony Weiner, was trying to bed some fifteen yea old girl and got caught.  He was sending pictures of his equipment to her as he held his infant child!  Now that is the image I have of these democrat predatory men.  So somehow it is guessed there are "classified" emails on Uma's computer and Carlos may have seen them.  So 11 days before the Presidential election we have this.  Of course we will see some more crapola on Trump from the dirty tricks bag of Clinton, just wait and see.

In Oregon a Federal Jury acquitted seven members of the group that took possession of a Federal Preserve in Eastern Oregon.  The Fed's even murdered one of the groups members.  He was a white guy.  Not mush sympathy from the national press.  Anyway all the articles from the lamestreams scream out about what a travesty this acquittal is.  My goodness, they say armed extremists "white guys" will be flooding onto Federal lands and it is all about racism.  Even the Southern Poverty Law Center from Alabama calls this a racist act.  And of course these lovelies have never seen a white man that was not a racist.  And in juxtaposition we see the occupation of private property in North Dakota as the lefty extremists there try and stop a legal pipeline from crossing land it has the right to cross.  And it is all about racism.  So in Oregon we have the public on government "owned" land and they have a member killed by Feds.  In North Dakota we have activists trespassing on private lands and they are perfectly defended by the lamestream press and the government.  Amazing.

Honestly, I really think that liberalism is truly a mental disorder.  Common sense Americans have to reject all their hogwash and get back to the basics.  Now we see the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the LGBT suit against a school district regarding the use of bathrooms.  My goodness, the SCOTUS?  To me it is totally ridiculous.  If you are born a male or female that should determine which potty you use.  Common sense.  But California lost its mind long ago and we see a Governor, Jerry Brown, the "climate change" champion getting millions of dollars from oil companies and fracking companies.  No blowback from the people.  So yes, I think the state has lost its mind.

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  1. Can you believe that that pervert terrible Terry Lamphier thinks he has the right to lecture Nevada County like a mini me Bernie sanders? He should go back in the dark recesses of his disgusting mind and leave us alone. He damaged enough people already. Sounds like his ego is telling him to run for supervisor again. Ugh.


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