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Monday, July 4, 2016

Propositions set for November. Our state is run by idiots!

Our poor state.  We have a sorry group of democrats under the dome in Sacramento.  If their form of government is so great and they are doing such a fine job, then why do we have 17 ballot measures on the ballot fr November?  Of course we all know why, they are incompetent!  And the Governor as well.  My goodness, by the time these people get done with the people and their money, all will be lost.  The following was copy/pasted from the Sacramento Bee today.  Read these and hold on!

"The 17 ballot measures set to go before voters Nov. 8 will number 51 through 67, the secretary of state’s office announced Friday, the day after the qualification deadline.
And given the financial wherewithal of some of the groups and people involved, voters can expect to become very familiar with various proposition numbers in the coming months.
Here is how the numbers line up:
▪ 51: Authorizes $9 billion school construction bond
▪ 52: Locks in a quality assurance fee on hospitals
▪ 53: Requires public vote on revenue bonds of more than $2 billion
▪ 54: Prohibits votes on bills not in print for three days
▪ 55: Extends a temporary income tax increase on wealthy filers
▪ 56: Increases the state tax on cigarettes by $2 to $2.87
▪ 57: Changes parole rules for some nonviolent offenders
▪ 58: Restores some bilingual education programs
▪ 59: Questions voters on “Citizens United” ruling
▪ 60: Requires condoms for adult film actors
▪ 61: Imposes price controls on state drug purchases
▪ 62: Replaces the death penalty with life in prison
▪ 63: Imposes new gun-control restrictions
▪ 64: Legalizes recreational use of marijuana
▪ 65: Redirects revenue arising from state ban on plastic bags (see Proposition 67)
▪ 66: Speeds up the death penalty process
▪ 67: Referendum to uphold or repeal a law restricting single-use carryout bags
State law sets the ballot order based on the type of measure as well as when signature checkers finished sampling millions of signatures turned in by supporters. The fall election will feature the most measures since March 2000, when voters saw 20. Lawmakers could add still more after they return from summer recess Aug. 1.
Supporters and opponents of the measures have until July 12 to turn in ballot arguments for the voter information guide."

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  1. I thought you liked voter initiatives since you were a big supporter of Measure W


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